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Sr. Emmanuel: April Report from Medjugorje

From the Desk of Sr. Emmanuel Maillard

April 15, 2017
Dear Children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On April 2, 2017, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross.

After the apparition, she shared the following message from Our Lady:  

"Dear Children, apostles of my love, it is up to you to spread the love of my Son to all those who have not come to know it; you, the little lights of the world, whom I am teaching with motherly love to shine clearly with full brilliance. Prayer will help you, because prayer saves you, prayer saves the world. Therefore, my children pray with words, feelings, merciful love and sacrifice. My Son has shown you the way - He who became incarnate and made of me the first chalice, with His exalted sacrifice He has shown you how you need to love. Therefore, my children do not be afraid to speak the truth. Do not be afraid to change yourself and the world by spreading love, by doing everything for my Son to be known and loved by loving others in Him. As a mother I am always with you. I am imploring of my Son to help you for love to reign in your life - love that lives, love that draws, love which gives life. I am teaching you such love - pure love. It is up to you, my apostles, to recognize it, live it and spread it. Pray with feeling for your shepherds so that they can witness my Son with love. Thank you."
See a video of Mirjana receiving the apparition here!

2. Medjugorje in a State of Shock! 
Wednesday March 29th was a historic day for Medjugorje! For the first time in nearly 36 years of apparitions, a special papal envoy officially entered the parish church of Medjugorje. Msgr Hoser very quickly turned out to be a friend, a real friend. On Saturday April 1, 2017, he celebrated the international evening mass in the presence of a large crowd. Seeing him walk in the procession to the altar, wearing his Archbishop's miter, we thought: "This is Rome coming to Medjugorje!"

At first, we were wondering what he would say about Medjugorje in his homily. We were inspired and amazed by his words. They were those of His words were those of a pastor, a down to earth man with a kind-hearted spirit who, above all, is seeking the good of souls and does not hesitate to impart the truth of the Gospel. His homily, as well as the press conference he gave to journalists the next day, was filled with peace. Best of all, his joy at being with us was palpable. He exceeded our expectations! In fact, Mgr. Hoser encouraged us! Here are some of the things he said:
"This worship, which is so intense here, is extremely important and necessary for the whole world... Let us pray for peace, because today the forces of destruction are enormous... We need an intervention from Heaven, and that is what the presence of the Blessed Virgin is! It is an initiative of God. And so I would like to encourage and comfort you as a special envoy of the Pope!"  

(This sentence triggered a round of applause. Many were overcome with emotion and crying with joy (so was I!). You can listen to his homily in English here: http://marytv.tv/?page_id=1647  Listen to his homily in French at: www.enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.) 

These words are significant for an official envoy of the Pope! We are filled with immense joy. On Sunday, April 2nd, he privately visited my community of the Beatitudes, with the pastor, Fra Marinko Sakota.
To the journalists, he said: "Tell the whole world that in Medjugorje we find light! I wish you the possibility of registering for a seminar here, to discover what you do not yet suspect." (See PS 1)
3. Fatima, preparation at Medjugorje!
On the 13th of May, we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first apparition of Mary at Fatima, so we have a whole month to make this event a real celebration! But how? 
First, by re-reading the messages given by the Mother of God to the 3 visionaries. This is a must if you want to be educated by Our Lady. Indeed, these apparitions are a divine initiative of prime importance, putting a special light on the final outcome of our struggle and filling us with hope. "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph!" she said to the little shepherds Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, on July 13, 1917. 
What a wonderful prophecy! 

To make the celebration complete, we can re-consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and take into account each of her requests which, if we had followed them earlier, would have saved us millions of deaths and many other troubles.

What is the connection with Medjugorje? According to Saint Jean-Paul II, "Medjugorje is the continuation and realization of Fatima." (See PS2). The 6 apparitions at Fatima gave the world a program to follow to end World War I, and to finally achieve a true time of peace for the world, an issue that is more relevant than ever today. 

In Medjugorje, not only did Our Lady repeat the same requests to achieve peace (praying the Rosary, penance, consecration, etc.) but she also offered something exceptional: to train us daily over the years to make of us "Apostles of her love". In short, we can say that Medjugorje is the instruction manual for Fatima. Let us rejoice: the Queen of Peace is counting on each of us to help her carry out her plan, as she so often expressed it!
Here is a small personal testimony: in 1989, during my 2nd pilgrimage to Medjugorje, I was struck by a message: "Dear children, each of you is important to me, I need you! Without you I cannot help the world." I was deeply moved! I knew that we needed her, but I never thought she could need us. So I immediately replied: "Mother, here I am, if you need me!" As a result, she quickly hired me and it isn't over!

This very urgent appeal is addressed to all her children and to each one in particular, with no exception. Whether you are bed-ridden in a hospital or healthy, old or young, rich or poor, married or single, the Gospa hopes that we will say Yes with our whole being to make us her instruments, and better yet: her Apostles. Do not hesitate, because no one has ever regretted giving himself or herself unreservedly to Mary! With this Crown of Yes-ses, the deep desire of Mary, announced at Fatima, will be greatly hastened: the triumph of her Immaculate Heart over the darkness that surrounds us.

4. On our knees for France
The presidential elections are less than 10 days away, it's not too late to get on our knees before God and beg for His grace for my dear country, which is in a disastrous situation. Among other well advised initiatives I propose that of "On our knees for France" for all those who are aware of France's magnificent calling, and who want to roll back the apostasy that is prevailing now, and to revive the Christian faith. 

Here are a few proposals that each of us can choose and adopt: offer a mass, pray, offer an Hour of adoration before the Blessed sacrament (even hidden in the tabernacle), offer a Way of the Cross, pray to your favorite French Saints (see PS 3), receive the sacrament of Reconciliation, do reparation for your sins, fast by cutting out unnecessary words, tobacco, TV, food, etc. 

5. St. Teresa of Calcutta and the Sin of Judgment. 
During this election campaign, it is good to look at the attitude of the Saints to cleanse one's mind of all the colliding political speeches. Though candidates in power may feel obliged to demolish their opponents to rise in the polls, the Saints adopted other methods to achieve true greatness, the kind that builds and brings peace. 

 As a child, Mother Teresa was in good hands with her mother in Skopje. At home, when one of her 3 children murmured against a teacher or another person, she would immediately turn off the electricity. She then explained that she did not want to pay for electricity for children who were saying bad things about others. 

In her very direct style, Mother Teresa, who had picked up the lesson, beamed light on the sin of judgment wherever it hurt brotherly love. A few examples:

"It is better to excuse than to accuse."      
"If you judge someone, then you don't have time to love him."

In front of someone who was describing the corruption that was rampant in Calcutta, she exclaimed: "I know full well that there is corruption in Calcutta! But I also know that there is good, and I choose to see the good!"
As for insults that one might receive, she said: "If someone accuses you, ask yourself: 'is he right?' If he's right, go ask him for forgiveness. If he's wrong, then seize the insult you received with both hands. Don't drop it, take this opportunity and offer it to Jesus as a sacrifice. Rejoice that you have something worthwhile to offer Him."
She practiced this herself, and she went on to say: "There is one sin that I never had to confess, that of judging someone."(See PS 4)

7. The next live broadcast will take place on May 3rd at 9 p.m. (BiH Time) in French. I will talk about the message of the 2nd. Live on March 3rd at: http://www.enfantsdemedjugorje.fr/index.php/le-direct-du-3.html
8. The Divine Mercy Novena begins Friday April 14th and ends on the Sunday after Easter, April 2nd.
Seize the grace promised by Jesus to St. Faustina for us all, especially for the conversion of the most hardened hearts and the dying. Jesus is looking for new Apostles of Divine Mercy! 
A plenary indulgence is granted to those who will pray this Novena in the required conditions. See www.faustine-message.com. A must read: the Diary of Sister Faustina, available in bookstores and on Amazon. 

Dearest Gospa, how can we not be in communion with your maternal heart, in these days of passion and glory where you were one heart with that of your Son Jesus! Please, introduce us into this communion of love that you know so well, and that is a fore-taste of our happiness in Heaven!
Sister Emmanuel +
(Translated from French)

P.S. 1 - If Archbishop Hoser had uttered negative words about Medjugorje, on the very next day the "Catholic" media would have published them all over the place. Why have they said nothing about this event which marks a major turning point in the Medjugorje case? What were they afraid of showing to the public?
Mgr Hoser's press conference can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G27kqzXY4G4
P.S. 2 - John Paul II said this to Archbishop Paolo Hnilica, 7 years before Mary herself had explained the connection between Fatima and Medjugorje in her message of August 1991. Bishop Hnilica was returning from Moscow where he had consecrated Russia in union with the Bishops of the whole world and the Holy Father, on March 24, 1984. 

See the complete account of this event in "Medjugorje, a triumph of the heart" (EDB), chapter on August 25th, 1991, "Pravda was telling the truth."
Here is the message : "Dear children, today also I invite you to prayer, now as never before when my plan has begun to be realized. Satan is strong and wants to sweep away plans of peace and joy and make you think that my Son is not strong in His decisions. Therefore, I call all of you, dear children, to pray and fast still more firmly. I invite you to renunciation for nine days so that with your help everything I wanted to realize through the secrets I began in Fatima may be fulfilled. I call you dear children to understand now the importance of my coming and the seriousness of the situation. I desire to save all souls and to present them to God. Therefore, we pray that all I have started may be completely realized in its fullness. Thank you for having responded to my call."
(25 August 1991)

P.S. 3 - Here are some French Saints, among manyst Denis, st Martin, st Remi, st Louis, ste Geneviève, ste Jeanne d'Arc, ste Odile, st Bruno, st Bernard, st Dominique,st Jean Eudes, ste Marguerite-Marie, st François de Sales, ste Jeanne de Chantal, st Benoît Labre, st Vincent de Paul, ste Louise de Marillac, st Yves, bx Alain de la Roche, st Claude de la Colombière, st Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort, st Jean-François Régis,st Jean Vianney Curé d'Ars, sts Louis et Zélie Martin,ste Thérèse de l'Enfant Jésus, ste Elisabeth de la Trinité, ste Germaine, ste Bernadette, ste Catherine Labouré, Bse Agnès de Langeac, st Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, Bx père Brottier, bx Fréderic Ozanam,ste Sophie Barrat, bse Anne-Marie Javouhey, ste Thérèse Couderc, ste Marie de l'Incarnation, ste Jeanne Jugan, tous les saints martyrs de la Révolution française, st Joseph Marchand en Cochinchine,st Pierre Chanel en Océanie,st Théophane Venard au Tonkin, st Jacques Berthieu à Madagascar, st Jean-Gabriel Perboyre en Chine,Bx Charles de Foucauld, the martyr monks of Thibhirine,vénérable Marthe Robin, Anne de Guigné, Bse Benoîte Rancurel du Laus, Bx père Marie-Eugène de l'Enfant Jésus, Marie-Marthe Chambon, Mère Yvonne-Aimé de Malestroit, all the saints of our families, etc.
P.S. 4 - Father Leo Maasburg described daily life with Mother Teresa in his wonderful book, "Mother Teresa of Calcutta: A Personal Portrait": Lighthouse Media. 

P.S. 5 - Our next missions will be in Galilee (April), in Ireland (May), in Asia (July) and in Spain (September). Your intercession is most welcome!

P.S. 6 - An International seminar for life will take place in Medjugorje from 24 to May 27, 2017, facilitated by Fr. Ante Vučković on the theme "That your charity may more and more abound" (Ph 1:9).This seminar is for doctors, medical personnel, those who defend life, people who have lost a child, those who have been wounded by an abortion or a miscarriage, for couples who want children, for pro-life activists, victims of family violence, single parents, pregnant women... Fee: €40 per pers. Register by writing to seminar.marija@medjugorje.hr or by Fax + 387 36 651 999 (for Marija Dugandzic)  
P.S. 7 - How can you help us? To hasten the translation of the book "Outrageous mercy", we still need prayer and experienced French-Hebrew or English-Hebrew, French-Slovak or Italian-Slovak translators. Please write to us at gospa.fr@gmail.com. Thank you!

P.S. 8 - Vicka is still in Zagreb for her therapy, but she is doing better. Continue to pray, there is hope that she will come back home soon.
P.S. 9 - Sister Emmanuel's Newsletter can be received in many languages! Write to the following email addresses to add your name to the list in your language.

Children of Medjugorje, INC, PO Box 18430, Denver, CO 80218

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