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Mary TV August 2, 2016 - Youth Festival Day 2

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August 2, 2016
Day 2 Youth Festival
Dear Family of Mary!
Last night, the opening ceremony of the Youth Festival was incredibly moving. The presentation of the countries represented at the festival was awesome!! And Holy Mass was filled with worship and love for Jesus. Adoration after Mass went on till very late. No one wanted to leave. It truly feels like heaven to be in Medjugorje with Our Lady and all those young people!
I have transcribed a small part of the homily from the Mass. It was a bold and moving homily that presented well the situation these young people find themselves in and the call God is sending them through Our Lady. Here an excerpt of the homily:

(Franciscan Provincial Fra Miljenko Steko)
With words and gestures, Jesus says to all of us, to this world, that true love and mercy are necessary. You who always return, anew, here are witnessing your own personal experience of the immeasurable love of Christ, the love that gives grace and peace particularly here in Medjugorje. The call of the Mother is always anew, "Children, respond! From the cares of this world, seek hope. In darkness seek the light. And when lost, seek the way." The Mother here in this place always seeks anew to return you to the Son who is the truth, the way and the life.
My dear brothers and sisters, tonight Jesus has the same look of pity from the Gospel, the same gaze where He sees and understands the wounds of this world. He sees and recognizes the wandering. He sees the entire industry that is constructed to meet the needs of the youth of this world, who are bombarded every day by the media which gives easy entertainment and empty pleasure. He sees the entire industry which is an illusion, and teaches, contrary to the Gospel, a life of no responsibility and without limits.
That gaze of pity from Jesus falls upon our world in its frantic rush for earning and profit. It descends upon men wounded by deception. People deceived. People who, for no one knows how long, have been offered false happiness. And they are wounded.
Do we not recognize this philosophy of life that deforms the face of humanity? Especially in the face of the youth. Those who work and struggle are rejected or ridiculed as doing something unnecessary. What of sickness, old age, suffering? They do not exist except as a curse of life.
And all this is spinning in the midst of a culture of eternal youth in which everything is in accordance with desires that are to be realized now and immediately, and this exists in the conviction that everything is permissible, and everything is possible.
But you who come to Medjugorje, you recognize that here there is something different. Here are the words, "Fast, pray, convert!" And over the years, persevering in that call, you have heard these words of Jesus in his public ministry, "Convert and believe in the Gospel."
I know that these are hard words. It is much easier for many, instead of hearing these sober truths, to choose the illusions. You are witnesses in such a world. But in continuous seeking, anguish and suffering, you are the witnesses of the creation of the much more desirable images that are false to the world!
But the realities of daily life bear these fruits: instead of peace, terror - instead of understanding, violence - instead of satisfaction, anguish. And these are the realities that you have brought in your backpacks here.
How to find the way out? What is the answer to the wounds of this world? What do we have to turn back to? What are the roots? What is the way of salvation for the world, for man? What can man trust in? What are the miseries of his position, and what are the consequences of his choice?
Water can be drunk without fear only at the spring. And that is why you are here. In this meeting, at this Holy Mass, again you are here and you will hear the words, "Convert and believe in the Gospel!" With a pure heart, participate in this Holy Mass, accepting the reality of conversion, so that you may become the messengers of hope, the new dawn, the fruit and the seed for the New World!
Or as in these days as the Holy Father has said in Krakow, "The Church is looking at you, and even more so, the world is looking at you, and desires to learn from you how to renew its faith." In the mercy of the Father, we Christians are called to this, especially in this year, to be a sign of the eternal truth in the daily life of the society in which we live. We are called to be merciful like the Father, as the title of this Youth Festival tells us.  (From the homily at the opening Holy Mass, Aug. 1)
These words of Fra Steko set the stage for the days to come. The young people are gathered to answer Our Lady's call to conversion, and to become mercy in the Church! Let's pray very much for them, as they are the seed of the future, Our Lady's future!!

Here is the schedule for today, August 2, 2016:
Mirjana's Apparition 8.00 to 9.00 (Medj) (probably recorded for later posting)
Catechesis and Testimonies: 10.00 to 12.00 (Medj) (4:00 am EDT)
Daily Rosary 15.00 Medj - (9:00 am EDT)
Testimonies : 16.00 Medj - (10:00 am EDT)
Rosary: 18.00 Medj - (12:00 pm EDT)
Holy Mass: 19.00 Medj - (1:00 pm EDT)
Meditation and prayer before the Cross:  20.30 -21.30 Medj - (2:30pm EDT)
I will send out the message as soon as possible. Make sure you watch some of the moving sessions today and Holy Mass tonight!! Wow!!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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Saint John Paul II
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