Thursday, June 23, 2016

The eyes of Our Lady are constantly watching . . .

Christian Worldview

Her Eyes for the Whole World to See

June 23, 2016 A.D.


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June 23, 2016 A.D.

Our Lady of Medjugorje said on September 2, 2012:
“…Dear children, as my eyes are looking at you, my soul is seeking those souls with 
whom it desires to be one…”

The eyes of Our Lady are constantly watching, looking for souls to be in union with.

This is My Time
The back of the, This is My Time T-Shirt, that is literally bringing Our
 Lady’s eyes everywhere.

A woman wrote to us about the, This is My Time, T-shirt that she ordered. She also told us
what she intended to do with the shirt:
“…I am hoping and praying that they [the T-shirts] will come in before the Youth Conference
 [World Youth Day] with Pope Francis in Poland, which I believe is July 27. Do you think 
 they will come in by then?

“I am buying it for my grandson, and his friend and one extra to exchange with someone 
 they meet at the youth conference…”
New Bedford, MA

A beautiful way to literally spread Our Lady to the whole world. The t-shirts are scheduled 
to ship from Caritas around the 12th of July, so be sure to get your order in soon. But, can 
looking at the eyes of Our Lady really make a difference for others? Visionary Jakov tells us:
“…my life changed completely. On the 25th of June, 1981, I received this great gift from 
God, and that gift was to see Our Lady. I can recall these first moments with Our Lady, 
when we found ourselves on Apparition Hill and when I saw the eyes of Our Lady for the 
first time. I saw this enormous love coming out of Her. Then I felt the same love in my 
heart and I felt so much love, protected. In that moment, there are not really any words 
that can describe that moment. When you see Our Lady, only your heart can talk. 
At that moment, my heart told me, ‘I hope this moment will never end,’ because that 
was the most beautiful moment in my life. I had never experienced anything like that 
in my life. In the same moment, I understood in my heart, that a new life had started for me…”1

Help others start a new life, by simply bringing Our Lady’s eyes to them. Her eyes are 
seeking souls. Help Her to find them. Be sure to place your order for the, This is My Time, T-shirt here.
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas


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