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Mary TV June 9, 2016 Reflection - Pure love!

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Icon of Saint Ephrem the Syrian (Meryem Ana Kilesesi, Diyarbakır, Turkey). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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June 9, 2016
St. Ephrem
Dear Family of Mary!
We continue with the wonderful effects of our devotion to Mary. St. Louis shares about Our Lady's pure love:
3. The gift of pure love
215. The Mother of fair love will rid your heart of all scruples and inordinate servile fear. She will open and enlarge it to obey the commandments of her Son with alacrity and with the holy freedom of the children of God. She will fill your heart with pure love of which she is the treasury. You will then cease to act as you did before, out of fear of the God who is love, but rather out of pure love. You will look upon him as a loving Father and endeavour to please him at all times. You will speak trustfully to him as a child does to its father. If you should have the misfortune to offend him you will abase yourself before him and humbly beg his pardon. You will offer your hand to him with simplicity and lovingly rise from your sin. Then, peaceful and relaxed and buoyed up with hope you will continue on your way to him. (St. Louis de Montfort. True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin. N.215)
St. Louis' words are so beautiful. He captures the love of Our Lady. She wants us to be free of fear, free of the shame and denial that come from sin. She wants us to trust the Heavenly Father so much, to understand His love so well, that we will never run away from Him or hide from Him. Instead, like little children we will instinctively turn to Him as soon as we sin, asking for help and forgiveness. This is the kind of pure love that the Father desires from us. Pure trust, pure dependence and pure hope in Him.
Our Lady spoke of this love in this message:
November 02, 2013 "Dear children, anew, in a motherly way, I am calling you to love, to continually pray for the gift of love, to love the Heavenly Father above everything. When you love Him you will love yourself and your neighbor. This cannot be separated. The Heavenly Father is in each person. He loves each person and calls each person by name. Therefore, my children, through prayer hearken to the will of the Heavenly Father. Converse with Him. Have a personal relationship with the Father, which will deepen even more your relationship as a community of my children - my apostles. As a mother I desire that, through the love for the Heavenly Father, you may be raised above earthly vanities and may help others to gradually come to know and come closer to the Heavenly Father. My children, pray, pray, pray for the gift of love because 'love' is my Son. Pray for your shepherds that they may always have love for you as my Son had, and showed by giving His life for your salvation. Thank you."
Our Lady will help us to have a personal relationship with the Father, to converse with Him, to fall deeply in love with Him. She will be our guide in this relationship, if we entrust ourselves to her!
Oh Mary, we trust in you. Help us to love as you love!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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