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Mary TV June 2, 2016 - Apostles of the revelation

May 2, 2016
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June 2, 2016    
Sts. Marcellinus and Peter
Dear Family of Mary!
In preparation for the message through Mirjana today, let's spend time with her last message, May 2, 2016:
May 2nd, 2016
Dear children, my motherly heart desires your true conversion and a firm faith so that you may be able to spread love and peace to all those who surround you. But, my children, do not forget: each of you is a unique world before the Heavenly Father. Therefore, permit the continuous working of the Holy Spirit to work on you.

Be my spiritually pure children. In spirituality is beauty. Everything that is spiritual is alive and very beautiful. Do not forget that in the Eucharist, which is the heart of faith, my Son is always with you. He comes to you and breaks the bread with you; because, my children, for your sake He died, He resurrected and is coming anew.

These words of mine are familiar to you because they are the truth, and the truth does not change. It is only that many of my children have forgotten it. My children, my words are neither old nor new, they are eternal. Therefore, I invite you, my children, to observe well the signs of the times, to 'gather the shattered crosses' and to be apostles of the revelation. Thank you.

This message is full of mysteries:
How can we each be a unique world before the Heavenly Father? What does this mean?
How do we permit the Holy Spirit to work on us, continuously?
How do we become spiritually pure?
How can we fathom Jesus breaking the bread with us?
In the words of Pilate, "What is truth?" Do I truly recognize the truth or have I forgotten it?
How do we observe the signs of the times?
What does "gather the shattered crosses" mean?
How can we be apostles of the revelation?
There are many theories floating around. But I think we each have to pray over this message and discover the meaning that God gives each one of us for these questions.

There is a call for each one of us here. Maybe it is because each one of us is a unique world before the Heavenly Father that each one of us will find our own unique application for Our Lady's message. She wants each of us to live the life that the Father has for us, through our unity with Him in prayer and by the power of the Holy Sprirt. We are each called individually. And that is the beauty of Our Lady's mission. It is specific and unique to each one of her children.
I leave each one of you with this message. Let it speak to you, in your heart, in prayer, in honesty and humility. Don't be afraid. Our Lady brings us good news; she brings us her Son. We have only to believe and pray!
Dearest Mother, we thank you for coming again today for us. Please help us to understand the message you give through Mirjana as it applies to each of us! We want to be your children, who love Jesus with our whole hearts.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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PS.  Mike Nolan is taking a two day pilgrimage to Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin on June 9-10, 2016.  You might like to join him for this little but powerful pilgrimage.  The group departs from South Bend Indiana: 
Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Good Help Shrine in Champion, WI
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