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Mary TV May 11, 2016 Reflection - Day 14 - Try to conquer some fault each day!


I offer you an advice: 
 Try to conquer some fault each day!
      (c) Mateo Ivankovic 2016

May 11, 2016
Consecration Day 14
Dear Family of Mary!
Today is Day 14 of our consecration. We are attempting to get to know ourselves, our weaknesses, inner dispositions and faults. Thomas a Kempis suggests that the practice of obedience is valuable in helping us to know our weakness of character. There is an inner test that occurs when we are called by obedience to do something. Jesus modeled such obedience when he submitted to the Passion. He chose to obey His captors at the cost of His life. We can learn through little acts of obedience. (In fact fasting is one such act of obedience that can test our humility and resolve and teach us very much about ourselves!)
In the early days of the apparitions, Our Lady formed a prayer group of young people. Through Jelena Vasilj she gave instructions to the group. Here is one message she gave to the group that involves a bit of obedience and a lot of humility:
Wednesday, February 20, 1985 (Ash Wednesday)
To Jelena:
"I give you an advice; I would like for you to try to conquer some fault each day. If your fault is to get angry at everything, try each day, to get angry less. If your fault is not to be able to study, try to study. If your fault is not to be able to obey, or if you cannot stand those who do not please you, try on a given day, to speak with them. If your fault is not to be able to stand a proud person, you should try to approach that person. If you desire that person to be humble, be humble yourselves. Show that humility is worth more than pride."
"Thus, each day, try to go beyond, and to reject every vice from your heart. Find out which are the vices that you most need to reject. During this Lent, you should try and truly desire to spend it in love. Strive as much as possible."
In this simple message Our Lady gave a very good way to learn through obedience. We can strive to go against our own inclinations, and learn to obey love. In obeying love, we deny our own wills and learn humility which is essential for holiness.
Actually, Our Lady's messages form a beautiful opportunity to grow in obedience and humility because she offers us instructions on how to live in God's grace, and those instructions could be taken as opportunities for obedience. It is sweet obedience, because we are obeying our dearest Mother who only wants the best for each of us. Such love in the form of instruction!
Let us pray:
(Totally Yours)
Immaculate Conception, Mary my Mother, Live in me, Act in me, Speak in me and through me, Think your thoughts in my mind, Love through my heart, Give me your dispositions and feelings, Teach, lead me and guide me to Jesus, Correct, enlighten and expand my thoughts and behavior, Possess my soul, Take over my entire personality and life, replace it with Yourself, Incline me to constant adoration, Pray in me and through me, Let me live in you and keep me in this union always.  © 1956, Mother Immaculata, OCD

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
(c)Mary TV 2016

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