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Mary TV April 6, 2016 Reflection -"My Son loves those who suffer pains."


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April 6, 2016
Dear Family of Mary!
April 2, 2016
"Dear children...Pain elevates and is the greatest prayer. My Son, in a special way, loves those who suffer pains. He sent me to soothe them for you and bring hope. Trust in Him..."
Pain is very difficult to accept or to understand. Pain indicates danger and is necessary because it helps us avoid injury. Pain tells us that our body is under attack. We instinctively flee pain. Our only thought is to find a way to stop the pain. And yet, sometimes it does not go away. We have to bear it.
Our Lady tells us that she has been sent to soothe our pain. She tells us that Jesus loves us especially when we are in pain. He has great empathy for us and longs to console us and help us. He loves us and hates to see us suffer. Jesus knows pain. He suffered terribly for us, to save us. He accepted the Passion to save us. He doesn't want us to suffer.
So how can pain elevate us? How is it the greatest prayer?
I think it is in surrender that pain can catapult our prayer heavenward. When we surrender ourselves to the Lord in our pain, and offer it to Him in trust and love, we truly become detached from self. Our prayer becomes pure. It becomes like Jesus' prayer on the Cross.
St. Faustina suffered a great deal of pain. She was very sick for many years. The doctors could not help her very much, and so she was left to endure her condition, many times all alone. But Jesus did not leave her side. He spoke to her often about her suffering, encouraging her and soothing her.
St. Faustina had this to say about suffering:
Oh, if only the suffering soul knew how it is loved by God, it would die of joy and excess of happiness! Someday, we will know the value of suffering, but then we will no longer be able to suffer. The present moment is ours. (963)
Our Lady tells us the same thing, "My Son, in a special way, loves those who suffer pains." Jesus identifies with us when we suffer. He unites Himself with us in our pain. He can make our pain holy, and win many victories through it. It is His love that dignifies and empowers our pain.
But uniting our pain with Jesus' pain is not easy. We are weak, and pain seems so strong. St. Faustina prayed this way about her suffering:
Jesus, do not leave me alone in suffering. You know, Lord, how weak I am. I am an abyss of wretchedness, I am nothingness itself; so what will be so strange if You leave me alone and I fall? I am an infant, Lord, so I cannot get along by myself. However, beyond all abandonment I trust, and in spite of my own feeling I trust, and I am being completely transformed into trust-often in spite of what I feel. Do not lessen any of my sufferings, only give me strength to bear them. Do with me as You please, Lord, only give me the grace to be able to love You in every event and circumstance. Lord, do not lessen my cup of bitterness, only give me strength that I may be able to drink it all. (1489)
St. Faustina was brave. But she knew she was not strong. It was only Jesus' grace working in her that made her suffering endurable. We also must rely completely on Jesus in our pain. He alone can bear it. We must lean on Him. But the present moment is ours!
We must pray to be healed. It is God's desire to heal us. But sometimes we must endure suffering, and in those moments, we can turn to Jesus as St. Faustina did, and beg Him not to leave us alone. He will be with us, because He loves us in a special way at that moment. Trust in Him!!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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