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March Report from Medjugorje: Protection of Saint Joseph

From the Desk of Sr. Emmanuel Maillard
Medjugorje, March 16, 2016

Dear Children of Medjugorje, Praised be Jesus and Mary!
1. On March 2, 2016 Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross. After the apparition, she shared the following message: 


"My coming to you is a gift from the Heavenly Father for you. Through His love I am coming to help you to find the way to the truth, to find the way to my Son. I am coming to confirm the truth to you. I desire to remind you of the words of my Son. He pronounced words of salvation for the entire world, the words of love for everyone - that love which He proved by His sacrifice. But even today, many of my children do not know Him, they do not want to come to know Him, they are indifferent. Because of their indifference my heart suffers painfully. My Son has always been in the Father. By being born on earth He brought the divine and from me received the human. With Him the word came among us. With Him came the light of the world which penetrates hearts, illuminates them and fills them with love and consolation. My children, all those who love my Son can see Him, because His face can be seen through the souls which are filled with love for Him. Therefore, my children, my apostles, listen to me. Leave vanity and selfishness. Do not live only for what is earthly and material. Love my Son and make it so that others may see His face through your love for Him. I will help you to come to know Him all the more. I will speak to you about Him. Thank you."

2. On March 18, 2016, Mirjana will receive her annual apparition. On this occasion, many pilgrims come and pray with her in Medjugorje. Remember that, from the Blessed Virgin, Mirjana received the special mission of praying for unbelievers (those who do not yet know the love of God). She tells us about the pain our Heavenly Mother feels for her children who live without God. "If you only once saw the tears flowing from the eyes of the Gospa because of unbelievers, you wouldn't forget to pray for them!" "When you pray for unbelievers, you are wiping off the tears that are flowing down the cheeks of the Blessed Virgin". "The evil that happens in the world is because of unbelievers: wars, conflicts, crimes, divisions, divorces, abortions, suicides, drugs..." When you pray for unbelievers, you are praying for your own future and the future of your children." "Intercession for the unbelievers is the most important."

All those who will not be in Medjugorje for the 18th of March can join our prayer around Mirjana (around 4pm), in order to comfort the Virgin! She will use our fervent prayers to enlighten her children and give them the immense joy of knowing Christ. Why not in our own families...!
3. She is only 5 years old! Small children brought up in families that pray melt our hearts with their generosity and their seriousness in expressing their love for Jesus. In Rome, little Chiara, 5 years old, is a fine example. Before Christmas, she learned from her mother how to prepare the manger of the infant Jesus by sprinkling it with fioretti (little pieces of straw). They had collected some twigs, and she was invited to place them little by little in the manger to warm Jesus when he came into the world. Each twig represented an effort on her part, or a sacrifice offered to Jesus. 
One day, Chiara said to her mother: "You know, mommy, tonight, I will say the entire Rosary, that way I can put a twig in Jesus' manger!" In fact, Chiara had the habit of falling asleep fairly quickly during the prayer, so her mom congratulated her for her good intention.

As every night after dinner, the family gathered to pray the Rosary. Remembering her decision, Chiara prayed the entire Rosary, and even on her knees! Her parents saw her fight against sleep and holding back her yawns with courage. Incredible! Then, radiating with joy, she went to place 3 twigs in Jesus' manger. Her mother asked her, why 3 twigs and not one? Chiara explained: "1. Because I said the entire Rosary. 2. Because I said it on my knees. 3. Because I forgave Luigi" (her 7 year old brother).
During this Lent, Luigi and Chiara did a similar thing, but with a different material: for every sacrifice, every effort, they remove a thorn from a cushion that represents the heart of Jesus.What about me? What about you? How many thorns are we going to remove from the Crown of Jesus before celebrating His resurrection at Easter?
4. Protection of St. Joseph. On 19 March, we will celebrate Saint Joseph. Our household has prepared this feast day with a thirty-day novena, because we have many intentions to entrust to him. Here is one of his specialties that Sr. Briege McKenna told us about, let's adopt this excellent way of being protected from theft!
"Always have an image of Saint Joseph in your hand bag or your briefcase", she tells us, "and it will never be lost or stolen. And if it were, it will be returned. One day, a Gypsy stole a hand bag from an Irish friend of mine, in which she carried an image of Saint Joseph. When she opened the bag and saw the image, she immediately gave the purse back to its owner, saying: 'I couldn't take it because it contains the image of St. Joseph.' "
Sister Briege told us about another significant episode: "I knew a man who kept an image of Saint Joseph in his briefcase, to avoid having it stolen. He had learned to enjoy the favors of this Saint! One day, upon returning from his holiday abroad, he came out of the airport and began to stack his luggage on a trolley to take it to his car. Without realizing it, while he was putting his bags in his trunk, he left his briefcase on the trolley. Once he got home, he realized what had happened, but it was too late! A few days went by, and lo and behold, an airport employee found the briefcase in the middle of a road not far from the airport, completely abandoned.  She opened it and saw that its owner prayed to Saint Joseph. There was a prayer card inside. She looked for the owner's details and found them inside the briefcase. You can guess the rest: a simple phone call and everything was returned to the owner, who was very thankful for being a fan of St. Joseph!"
I take the opportunity of his feast day to slip this prayer into the heart of Saint Joseph: "You, the spouse of the Mother of God, pray with us for Mary's plan to be carried out in all the communities that are called to be present at Medjugorje. Protect them as you were able to protect your family!"
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Dearest Gospa, you who told us to "Be enthusiastic about the Resurrection!", help us to live Holy Week and the Easter feast in deep communion with you, Mother of the Crucified One, Mother of the Risen One!
Sister Emmanuel +
(Translated from French)

NB: Operation "Chinese seminarians".
I would like to warmly thank all those who have adopted a seminarian following the appeal launched in my report on January 15th. Father Huang Yu-Tao is very happy. For him, as Rector, this help is making a big difference! Here is the message I received from him on March 1st:

"Dear Sister Emmanuel. This project helps us very much, not only financially, but it makes us feel that in other countries, there are Catholics like us who care about us. And we can support each other in our prayers. Thank you very much!March 1st, 19 people sent donations, from Italy, France, the United States and Switzerland. 36 seminarians have been adopted. Some sponsors are willing to send a monthly donation. We sent them photos of our seminarians, they are very happy to know each other.

Some seminarians already have photos of the sponsors and their families, they can share their prayers. I invited them to pray for our sponsors. We are very moved by their great love for us! As for myself, I'm going to celebrate Mass for them. In short, we thank these good Christians for their solidarity, their love and their support. Sincerely, Father Huang" 

For any information about this, write to gospa.fr@gmail.com
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