Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mary TV January 6, 2016 - Update from Denis -

Mary TV!
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January 6, 2016
Feast Day of St. Andre Bessette
Dear Family of Mary TV, Apostles of the Queen of Peace:
Thank you for your prayers.... Wonderful things are happening.  Mary TV's ship for the Gospa sailing on the digital sea continues moving forward.  Doors are opening!  (I can't wait to tell you more)....
Your intercessory prayer is needed right now!   Matt Matasso is working around the clock to update Mary TV's web page -  Medjugorje's first Internet TV channel!  Please cover him with prayer!
Also, important news for those thinking of joining Michael Nolan's Easter Pilgrimage to Medjugorje.  The cost of airline tickets just dropped.   For example, yesterday airline tickets from Chicago to Sarajevo were $950 each.   Today those same tickets have dropped to $540 each!  Don't put your pilgrimage off any longer.  Right now, during this Jubilee Year of Mercy, is the right time to go to Medjugorje!  The Gospa needs you.

 "My Son promised me that evil will never win, because you, the souls of the just, are here!' (11/2/14)
Contact Michael at 574-335-9952
or visit pilgrim-medj.com
for more information    
Spread this to your friends and family (But use the forwarding function, below.  Otherwise your email address can inadvertently be deleted from my address list)....
God bless you!
Denis Nolan 

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