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Mary TV Daily Reflection 1/21/2016

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January 21, 2016
St. Agnes
Dear Family of Mary!
April 25, 1997 "Dear children! Today I call you to have your life be connected with God the Creator, because only in this way will your life have meaning and you will comprehend that God is love. God sends me to you out of love, that I may help you to comprehend that without Him there is no future or joy and, above all, there is no eternal salvation. Little children, I call you to leave sin and to accept prayer at all times, that you may in prayer come to know the meaning of your life. God gives Himself to him who seeks Him. Thank you for having responded to my call."
Our Lady has used the word "seek" at least 89 times in her messages. She assumes that we are seeking. And what does she tell us to seek?:
"Yearn for peace and seek it..." (12/25/98)
"Use this time and seek the grace of healing of your heart from God..." (02/25/00)
"Bless and seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to lead you at this time..." (05/25/01)
"Pray and seek God through me..." (06/25/01)
"Seek a conversion of your hearts from God..." (04/25/02)
"Seek time also for the soul...." (07/25/06)
"Therefore you, little children, be those who seek and love God above all...." (08/25/15)
Of course, ultimately it is God we should seek, Him alone. This is what Our Lady has come to show us.
But we might ask why there is so much seeking going on. Why is it necessary to seek? Doesn't God want to reveal himself to us? Isn't He the one to find us?
Caryll Houselander very insightfully wrote about this seeking in her book, "The Reed of God". Here is how she begins her discussion of seeking:
If instead of using the expression "spiritual life" we used "the seeking," we should set out from the beginning and go on to the end with a clearer idea of what our life with God will be on this earth; and we should be less vulnerable, that is to say, less easily shattered by disillusionment and discouragement.
"Seek and ye shall find"; that seems to be the quintessence of all spiritual direction for everyone.
Even the saints, who were most conscious of the immanence of God, had to seek during nearly the whole of their lives. Our Lady's own seeking was lifelong, as ours must be.   Our Lady experienced this thing largely because it would be our universal experience, and she loved us with Christ's love. (Caryll Houselander, "The Reed of God")
Caryll goes on to describe why God seems to actually hide from us in order to make us go out of our normalcy to find Him. She contends that it is our tendency to make our conception of God into God that causes Him to have to go away. We build idols out of our ideas of God, and serve those idols. There is not room for Jesus. And so He goes away, knowing that we seek Him when our idols fail us. We must seek our God until we find ourselves in His presence in eternity.
I can't say it well, but you can read it in "The Reed of God" by Caryll Houselander, Part 3, Idols.
I really like the idea that the spiritual life is actually "the seeking". It makes so much sense to me. And I like that Our Lady uses that word so many times in her messages. She knows that we must keep moving, keep desiring God, keep looking for Him, or we will stagnate.
May we seek God with all our hearts, our entire lives, so that in the end He will surely give Himself to us!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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