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Mary TV December 14, 2015 - Update from Denis - New Programing!!!

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December 14, 2015
Dear Family of Mary, Our Lady Queen of Peace:
I want to announce some exciting new programs on Mary TV!!
The Parish Christmas Novena!!!
Beginning tomorrow MaryTV.tv will LIVE Stream a special event! The St. James Parish Christmas Novena! For nine days, from December 15 to 23, the parish will climb Apparition Hill, praying the Rosary in honor of the Birth of Jesus! Mary TV will live-stream this novena each day. The stream will begin at 2:00 pm Medjugorje time / 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time. Let's all join Our Lady in Medjugorje, by responding to her call to pray for her intentions!!
The Hour of Mercy during the Jubilee Year of Mercy!!!
Every day in the Jubilee Year of Mercy, at the Hour of Mercy (3:00 pm Medjugorje Time/ 9:00 am EST), Mary TV is live-streaming the Divine Mercy Chaplet in conjunction with Silent Prayer, our silent prayer time with the sites and sounds of Medjugorje. Jesus told St. Faustina: "At three O'clock implore my mercy... In this hour I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of Me in virtue of my Passion."  Join us in prayer with Medjugorje every day, requesting that all the intentions Our Lady holds in her heart as she appears to Ivan, Marija and Vicka that day, are granted to her!  (The Hour of Mercy prayer will follow directly after the Parish Novena from December 15-23)
The Cenacolo Christmas Play!!!!
On Christmas Eve MaryTV.tv will LIVE Stream the Cenocalo Christmas play in front of St. James Church.  The exact time of the live performance will be posted at  www.MaryTV.tv. The recording will be played on Christmas Day on our Channel!
Fruit of Medjugorje, Episode 195!!!
Don't miss tonight's episode of Fruit of Medjugorje, 8:00pm EST in the USA at  www.MaryTV.tv..  The Honorable Alfred Kingon, Secretary to President Reagan's Cabinet and Ambassador to the European Community, testifies about Medjugorje's role in bringing about the peace accord signed by President Reagan and President Gorbachev on December 8, 1987.  (If you miss tonight's program, episode #195 will be in Fruit of Medjugorje archives at the top of MaryTV's web page, http://marytv.tv/featured-programing/fruit-of-medjugorje).
A Beautiful Article in Nathional Geographic Magazine about Our Lady!!!
Note Mary TV's cameraman is LIVE Streaming the parishioners and pilgrims praying by Our Lady's statue on Mt. Podbrdo, in the center of the lead photo (p. 32) of National Geographic's latest issue "MARY The Most Powerful Woman in the World," (we also supplied video for National Geographic's channel).
Thank you for all your prayers of intercession.....and your donations!  This Jubilee Year of Mercy is big for the Gospa!  Together, we can make a difference for her!  "My Son promised me that evil will never win, because you, the souls of the Just, are here!"  
Thank you God bless you!
Denis Nolan
PS.  Some people have asked if there's a specific gift they could give to Mary TV this Christmas for Our Lady....  It's true that thousands of hours of LIVE Streaming all these years has caused a lot of wear and tear on our equipment.......  Here's a wish list, presents you could give to Mary TV for Our Lady:
Much needed equipment to make our streaming possible:
Professional tripod and tripod head (need two):  $2,500 ea
Sony FDR-AX100 4K Ultra HD Camcorder (need two):  $1,598 ea
Sony 32GB HDR-PJ540 Full HD Handycam Camcorder (need two):   $698 ea
1000 ft. BNC Coax Cable with tube harnessing: (need two): $600 ea
Point to Point Personal Transmitting Tower (need one): $4,000
Video Camera Holster (need two): $179 ea
Another POV camera to Live stream 24/7:  $1,000 (ea)
Computer for POV camera Live streaming 24/7: $2,000 (ea)
 Some of our monthly expenses that bring Our Lady to the world (averages):
One month of Streaming costs for live and recorded video:  $3,500.00
One month of internet access without which nothing could be aired:  $600.00
One month of Filming/editing on site in Medjugorje:  $6,000.00
One month of video editing (Fruit shows, Tea with Rosie, English Mass): $2,000.00
One month of website design and management: $2,000.00
One month of Channel design and streaming: $3,000.00
One month of utilities and office management: $1,000.00
(These are just some of our monthly costs and do not reflect the donated office space, utilities, and personal expertise that our team of dedicated professionals offer to Mary TV. This is an outreach built on love!)


Mary TV | P.O. Box 899 | Notre Dame | IN | 46556

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