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Mary TV Daily Reflection 12/21/2015

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December 21, 2015
St. Peter Canisius
Dear Family of Mary!
November 25, 1996 "Dear children! Today, again, I invite you to pray, so that through prayer, fasting and small sacrifices you may prepare yourselves for the coming of Jesus. May this time, little children, be a time of grace for you. Use every moment and do good, for only in this way will you feel the birth of Jesus in your hearts. If with your life you give an example and become a sign of God's love, joy will prevail in the hearts of men. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Today's Gospel is the account of the Visitation, when Our Lady went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, who was pregnant. It is a beautiful story. As is the case with the inspired Word of God, it says so very much with so few words!
Caryll Houselander has written her prayerful thoughts on the Visitation in her book, "The Reed of God." I want to just share a brief passage with you, as it speaks so much about how we can live as Our Lady advises in this message: "If with your life you give an example and become a sign of God's love, joy will prevail in the hearts of men."
Caryll Houselander:
Sometimes it may seem to us that there is no purpose in our lives, that going day after day for years to this office or that school or factory is nothing else but waste and weariness. But it may be that God has sent us there because but for us Christ would not be there. If our being there means that Christ is there, that alone makes it worthwhile.
There is one exquisiste incident in Our Lady's Advent in which this is clearly seen: the Visitation.
"And Mary rising up in those days went into the hill country with haste, into a city of Judah."
How lyrical that is, the opening sentence of St. Luke's description of the Visitation. We can feel the rush of warmth and kindness, the sudden urgency of love that sent that girl hurrying over the hills. "Those days" in which she rose on that impulse were the days in which Christ was being formed in her, the impulse was His impulse...
She greeted her cousin Elizabeth, and at the sound of her voice, John quickened in his mother's womb and leapt for joy.
"I am come," said Christ, "that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly." Even before He was born His presence gave life.
With what piercing shouts of joy does this story of Christ unfold! First the conception of a child in a child's heart, and then this first salutation, an infant leaping for joy in his mother's womb, knowing the hidden Christ and leaping into life.
How did Elizabeth herself know what had happened to Our Lady? What made her realise that this little cousin who was so familiar to her was the mother of her God?
She knew it by the child within herself, by the quickening into life which was a leap of joy.
If we practice this contemplation taught and shown to us by Our Lady, we will find that our experience is like hers.
If Christ is growing in us, if we are at peace, recollected, because we know that however insignificant our life seems to be, from it He is forming Himself; if we go with eager wills, "in hast," to wherever our circumstances compel us, because we believe that he desires to be in that place, we shall find that we are driven more and more to act on the impulse of His love.
And the answer we shall get from others to those impulses will be an awakening into life, or the leap into joy of the already wakened life within them. (Caryll Houselander. "The Reed of God." 2006. Ave Maria Press, Inc.)
May we allow Christ to grow in us, so that He may go where He wills, and awaken souls to life!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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