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Mary TV Daily Reflection 11/20/2015 - Better to begin late than never!

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November 20, 2015
Dear Family of Mary!
November 25, 1987 "Dear children! Today also I call each one of you to decide to surrender again everything completely to me. Only that way will I be able to present each of you to God. Dear children, you know that I love you immeasurably and that I desire each of you for myself, but God has given to all a freedom which I lovingly respect and humbly submit to. I desire, dear children that you help so that everything God has planned in this parish shall be realized. If you do not pray, you shall not be able to recognize my love and the plans which God has for this parish and for each individual. Pray that satan does not entice you with his pride and deceptive strength. I am with you and I want you to believe me, that I love you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Tomorrow is the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary! The Church celebrates the moment when Mary, as a little girl, was presented by her parents to the priests in the Temple. She was offered up to the service of the Temple, freely. She gave herself freely, and her parents did so also. What a moment this must have been! The pure Immaculata coming before the Lord in the Temple, ready to be His completely!
Here is a prayer written by St. Alphonsus Liguori for the Presentation of Mary. I found it in the Magnificat, November 2015. It is just great! We can pray it tomorrow, and any day! St. Alphonsus speaks directly to our hearts:
Alphonsus Liguori
Alphonsus Liguori (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
O beloved Mother of God, most amiable child Mary! Just as you presented yourself in the Temple, and with promptitude and without reserve consecrated yourself to the glory and love of God, I wish I could offer you this day the first years of my life, to devote myself without reserve to your service, most holy and most sweet Mary! But it is too late for this because I have lost so many years serving the world and my personal whims. I seem to have forgotten God and you altogether: "Woe to that time in which I did not love you!"
But it is better to begin late than never. And so, Mary, I offer myself to you today, I devote myself to you entirely during the long or short time that still remains to me on earth. In union with you, I renounce all created things and dedicate myself entirely to the love of my Creator.
I consecrate my mind to you, O Queen, and vow always to think of the love you deserve. I consecrate my tongue to praise you, and my heart to love you. O most Holy Virgin, accept the offering which I, a miserable sinner, now present to you. Accept it, I beg you, by the consolation that your heart felt when you gave yourself to God in the Temple. Since I am a latecomer to your service, it is only reasonable that I should redouble my acts of homage and love in order to make up for lost time.
Help my weakness, O Mother of Mercy, with your powerful intercession. Obtain for me from Jesus the strength and perseverance to remain faithful to you until death so that, having served you in life, I may praise you in paradise for all eternity. (Taken from "The Glories of Mary" and Magnificat Nov. 2015)
Better to begin late than never!! So true!! And as we see in the message above from November 25, 1987, when we consecrate ourselves to Mary, she quickly presents us to God! She doesn't keep us for herself! And think what the Father must do when He sees us presented by Mary! He must just melt!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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