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Mary TV Daily Reflection 11/13/2015 - The Testimony of Dr. Darinka Glamuzina, P 2

Visionaries in the first days!

November 13, 2015
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

Dear Family of Mary!

Thursday, August 6, 1981 "I am the Queen of Peace."

Here is a transcript of the testimony of Dr. Darinka Glamuzina, the doctor who examined the visionaries during the first week of the apparitions in June of 1981.  This is the first time she has shared her experience.  I will share her testimony in two parts, since it is quite long.  Thanks to Judy Pellatt who transcribed the English translation!!
Dr. Darinka Glamuzina
Talk by Doctor Darinka Glamuzina October 6th Yellow
Hall, Medjugorje (Part 2) 
I was still trying to explain it, that quantum leap but in my conscience. Everything that went in the past for me was something saying God doesn't exist. Now with completely different eyes I could look at the world and for me, all of a sudden, the world looked the most beautiful place. Beautiful Praise God. Amazing life. The fact that God exists and for me, He exists, then everything is different. Then I am the child of God and if I am the child of God, then we are all children of God. There is no difference. We are all precious human beings, children of God. And that transformation started at that time and what happened later was amazing, it was fantastic.
I wanted to learn more about God, because I understood that I knew nothing about Him. Regarding knowledge of God, about the main thing in this world, the main thing in our existence, I didn't know anything. And since I did not know anything about God, I didn't know anything about myself either. All the mistakes I made and even later on that I made, happened because I was not aware of the amazing presence of God. As time went by, grace came upon me. Of course I made many mistakes but I had the feeling that I was making a little bit of progress in my spirituality and that for a moment, a little bit of the curtain in front of Heaven was moved to make a small space for me.
That started manifesting in my life in the sense that if I thought I should know a little more about something, usually a book because I like to read, in a day or two the book was there for me. It took a while for me to understand that all of this is coming from Heaven. God wants us to get to know Him. God wants me to walk with Him through my life and everything through Our Lady.
I started going to Mass and I started praying the rosary and singing in the choir. For 22 years I have been singing in the choir here in Medjugorje and in that way I am with the Lord in the Eucharist at the time of the celebration of the Mass. My whole life was somehow transformed into celebration. Celebration with God. During that time of formation I had two significant dreams which do not belong to the realm of ordinary dreams. I want to talk to you about my dream. It is interesting because my dreams were so significant for me personally and they were carrying me to the events that in the future really happened.
You see, when a person starts walking with God then we should not be afraid of anything. For a long time as a doctor, I knew that I often had the potential for fear, fear from people in my surroundings. You need to know that in every kind of group at work there is a kind of bonding, especially after the war here. One dream in particular was significant when Our Lady said to me "Don't you feel me being next to you?" And in that moment I felt an amazing joy and bliss. There is a pathway through the woods that I take every day to pray and in that dream Gospa said "go down to your pathway". And on that pathway it said 'Be not afraid' and in the sky above it said 'Be not afraid'. Beneath that were the words in English, 'be happy' and ''thank you for having responded to my call'.
I am a pediatrician, neonatologist, I am a professor of pediatrics at the University of Mostar working with small babies in incubators. Thousands of times I experienced amazingly difficult situations with babies. Then I would speak to the parents and I would ask them if they were religious, or had faith regardless of which religion, because we treat children of all religions. If parents said they believed in God, I would give them homework and I would tell them to pray for their child and to pray a lot. During that process of prayer, the treatment which would sometimes last for weeks, even months, the parents and I would enter into a special relationship, a very special kind of friendship, not an earthly one. So far there are hundreds of babies (I worked for 20 years) and in an amazing way children would be healed. When the process is over, when the babies go home, everyone thinks that that is normal but I know that it's not. I know that an amazing grace came upon them. I can feel that. I find that an amazing grace comes upon babies and parents. The children in our conditions, (you have to understand that we are talking about hospitals here in the Balkans) in an amazing way made a recovery and they were healed.
What is amazing and really beautiful in my work and that Gospa gave to me is that the parents recognize that is the work of Jesus, Gospa or Allah and they say to me that they completely understand that they had to go through that suffering in order to be closer to God. Regardless of how difficult they found that time, now they're happy because their life is given an amazing dimension that they didn't know anything about before. God can but you have to ask Him, you have to open your heart, you have to purify your heart. Parents would tell me that they would feel an urge to go to confession and confess their sins that they felt the need to go to Communion, that they prayed every day and for the first time in their lives they felt practical faith in God. Do you know what it means? It's like love. You can read about it, write about it, and yet never experience it. But once you experience it you don't have to read about it anymore. You have an exclusive experience. That is the greatest love that a human person can experience and that it was worth being born and that is the purpose of life. In this work that I do and I believe that all of you in the work you do, regardless of what type of job we are talking about, with people in their surroundings, you can experience love, hatred or indifference.
Everything except love is a waste of time. Everything. I am already old now and I am speaking about myself now, I think it was worth being born, to get married to a man from Hercegovina, to be on the hill that day on the 6th day of the apparitions, to be given a slap by Gospa, but with love, a slap with love. I understood everything. That God loves, that God punishes, and that sometimes He keeps you at a distance until you are cleansed, purified, because you can't come before God being dirty. You know we all feel the need here in Medjugorje to go to confession. It's getting rid of the dirt of the world and we all feel the need to be purified, to be able to stand before God because He loves us in the way we are. We're originals.
Just a few words about my relationship with Medjugorje. I already shared with you about my contact with God and I believe that the purpose of life is to get to know God and that we are children of God. No person in the world is the same. Everyone is unique and every person is important to God, Each one of us in invited to joy.
I know a lot of people, thousands of people who came to Medjugorje from abroad and I know what was happening to them. For me this is the greatest metaphysical place in the world. It's the change of a person, and it happens on an invisible level. Maybe you're not aware but later on you will see that in you dwells a new person and I believe that thousands miles per hour Our Lady does that, upon all of us. That's my experience. I've seen it happening to my cousins, my friends. Why is this so important? In Western Europe you know how the world in that part is really collapsing. Very deep. We are all spiritually hungry people but we are all spiritually immature and some are even spiritually sick but most of the time spiritually immature. God has a plan and we are all part of the plan because without us he can't do anything, because we are His children. That moment when we
All become a little more spiritually mature, the world will start changing, rapidly. Our Lady, the Queen of Peace, she's the one doing all that. It's obvious that first inside ourselves, we have to create this peace. Because if you do not have peace in yourself then you cannot give that peace. The first and most important work is the work on yourselves. Through these 34 years, every single day without stopping I remember and recall my adventure on Apparition hill in those days. And it's perfectly clear to me that only if I live that, only then will I be a child of God.
Agnostics, atheists maybe ask what has all this to do with me. It's nice to have a beautiful life, have money, have this/that but I would say to you no riches or fortune in the world, not even a title in this world, nothing you materially created can be compared to the happiness that you feel at the moment when you are able to see Our Lady coming. That is something which surpasses the human mind. Therefore there won't ever be a logical conclusion as to whether Our Lady is appearing or not. That is something you feel with your senses. Some people say intuition, yes. You feel and then you receive a confirmation. Either you believe it or not.
If I had not been on the hill I wouldn't have believed. That's the way my brain works. If I hadn't seen that, felt that, been given a confirmation from the other side that completely gives the answer to my being and shows me that that 'something' exists, I wouldn't have believed. That's why I really feel together with the people here and for all those who can't believe, there is a method and that's why Our Lady came. She is the teacher. Like in medicine, we have workshops, there is a theory about a medication but then there is a workshop where you are taught what dosage to give, how to administer it, what are its side-effects. And it's very same here in Medjugorje, Our Lady's spiritual school. I am the witness. Pray, pray, pray.
I pray now a lot. A little bit about my day. I get up around 4am, pray maybe 5 rosaries, then I exercise, then read Morning Prayer followed by a page from the Bible and then I have my coffee. And that is the beginning of my day. Around noon time, if time permits, I lock the door of my office and I pray the rosary again before returning to my duties. Trust me, everything starts changing, everything starts changing after the rosary. I am the witness. In the afternoon ...I live in the country next to a forest, I go for a walk with my dog and I pray 2 more rosaries. Since doing this, I felt that a lot of my emotional problems at work just melted. It's a magical remedy. A magical medication. This is what I as a doctor can say to you, it is equally important as any antibiotics and I am the witness. It is so.
I read a lot and I see a lot. I see that the reception of Medjugorje in the world goes up and down and it has to be so. The hill, the valley. When we are on the hill we are celebrating. When we are in the valley, we are purifying ourselves. But we are progressing. We are attending spiritual school and we are making progress. Now we are in elementary school, but all of us together. For me this is the most important event in the history of the world after the walk of Jesus on the earth. I believe that God came to shake us a bit and to wake us up even if it's necessary to give us a slap and to say to us that God does exist. When enough people in the world wake up, when we reach that level of spiritual maturity, the whole world will be changed. You will see. We are all witnesses of a phenomenal event in the history of mankind. When you know that you are a child of God, you cannot hate anyone, there are no enemies, there are no Catholics, Protestants Moslems or Jews, only different ways to reach God. Our only task is to reach God, holding Our Lady's hand with Jesus to God.
I really believe that the visionaries are apostles, that they are contemporary apostles to whom God gave to be channels for humankind to receive the messages. They are authentic, spontaneous, normal and good human beings. Sometimes, they are so tired that they need a break, that we in our hearts, that we who were all the time taking from them, we should give them something in return. Understanding that they are also human beings,that they have spouses, children and that it's very difficult to be witnesses of God and to be a family person. It's difficult to always remain pure and sometimes there is some dust on them and we should understand that they did not lose anything of their authentic soul. That's why I think we should all help each other. I really believe that our Lord today put us all together. Thank you very much.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV


"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world." 
Saint John Paul II 
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