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The War Will End, Mary's Voice on the Family

From the Desk of Sr. Emmanuel Maillard

October 15, 2015, 
Feast of Saint Teresa of Avila

Dear Children of Medjugorje, Praised be Jesus and Mary!
1. On October 2, 2015, Mirjana received her monthly apparition of Our Lady at the Blue Cross in the presence of a large crowd that had also come to celebrate the feast of Little Flower, Therese of Lisieux, and the Guardian Angels on October 1st. After the apparition, Mirjana conveyed the following message: 


"Dear children, I am here among you to encourage you, to fill you with my love and to call you anew to be witnesses of the love of my Son. Many of my children do not have hope, they do not have peace, they do not have love. They are seeking my Son, but do not know how and where to find Him. My Son is opening wide His arms to them, and you are to help them to come to His embrace. My children, that is why you must pray for love. You must pray very, very much to have all the more love, because love conquers death and makes life last. Apostles of my love, my children, with an honest and simple heart unite in prayer regardless of how far you are from each other. Encourage each other in spiritual growth as I am encouraging you. I am watching over you and am with you whenever you think of me. Pray also for your shepherds, for those who renounce everything for the sake of my Son and for your sake. Love them and pray for them. The Heavenly Father is listening to your prayers. Thank you."

2. The war will end!

Our Lady of the Rosary is the title under which Mary introduced herself in Fatima. We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of her coming to Fatima in 2017. In Fatima, she asked that the Rosary be prayed in order to end World War I. October is the month of the Rosary, thus this is the opportunity to stop, reflect, and ask ourselves: "What have I done with my Rosary to stop conflicts."  This remedy that can defeat the deadly plans of Satan remains just as powerful now as a century ago, in fact even more powerful today! (The 100th Anniversary of Fatima is in 2017). If you were to read on Google this information: "There is a miraculous remedy, invented by a high level researcher. It allows you to obtain serenity, peace of heart, and an end of family conflicts. It is a remedy that has been proven for years in every circle of society, a remedy that you can only get in the center of China and it cannot be exported. This remedy is very powerful, but it costs a lot of money." I bet most people would rush out there, even sell some of their property to pay for the trip and for the miracle product. And they would be right to do so!

This miraculous remedy is lying in your drawer or hanging from your rearview mirror. It costs one dollar if you want to buy it. And that is your Rosary! So, why do not grab it and pray it fervently? Why doubt the promises of the Blessed Mother when she speaks to us for the sole purpose of avoiding our having to suffer the agony and torture of wars, both internal and external? Why ignore her words and prefer instead the mirages of false happiness offered by the media or the prisons of our spiritual laziness? She tells us, "Dear children, wake up from the slumber of your soul! I have come to help you! I want to take you into my embrace, but you do not want." "I love all your prayers with the heart, but especially your daily Rosary." "A simple Rosary can do miracles in the world and in your lives!"

To those who pray the Rosary, the Blessed Mother has made wonderful promises to Blessed Alain de la Roche, OP.

"He who will persevere in praying my Rosary will receive all the graces that he asks of me. I promise my very special protection and the greatest benefits to all those who shall recite my Rosary with devotion. The Rosary will be a powerful shield against hell, it will destroy vices, deliver from sin, and defeat heresy. The Rosary will cause the virtues to flourish and obtain divine mercy for souls; it will withdraw the hearts of men from the love of the world, and raising them to desire Eternal goods. So many souls will thus be sanctified! He who confides himself to me by the Rosary shall not perish. Whosoever shall recite my Rosary with piety, pondering its mysteries, will never die a bad death. The sinner will convert. The righteous man will persevere in grace, and in all cases, will be admitted to eternal life.
"Whoever has a true devotion for my Rosary will not die without the Church's help. I want all those who recite my Rosary to find the light and the fullness of grace in life and in death, and take part in the merits of the blessed. I shall promptly deliver from purgatory the fervent souls of the Rosary. The true sons of my Rosary will enjoy a special glory in heaven. I will attend to all the needs of those who propagate my Rosary. I obtained from my Son that all the confreres of the Holy Rosary shall have as brothers the saints of heaven, in life as in death."
3.  How about Mary's voice on the family?

In the midst of the turmoil created by questions about the family, I wish to make heard the peaceful, crystal clear, prophetic, penetrating and healing voice of the Most Holy Mother of God. Since 1981, in Medjugorje, hasn't she given all the keys that we need today to have healthy and holy families? Let us listen to her voice and live the inspired directives that she gives us through her messages! We could have avoided all the dramas, the breakups, perversions and depressions that undermine the Western world if we had put into practice her motherly advice! Here are a few snippets of what the visionaries have conveyed to us over the years.
"Dear children, today as never before, Satan wants to destroy your families; he is working day and night. Resist him, with the Rosary in your hand." "Let parents pray with their children, let children pray with their parents! Thus united in prayer, Satan can do nothing against you." "I invite you to pray each day with your family. Family prayer is THE remedy to heal the world of today." "A simple Rosary can work miracles in the world and in your lives." "Let your 1st prayer group be your family." "When you pray together, Jesus comes among you. The purpose of family prayer is to make Jesus come."
Once Jesus has come, what else do we need? We have God in our home! Of course Jesus performs divine work in our midst. He will give peace to this one, healing to another, freedom, joy, consolation, light... and our family life will be transformed. So if we pray every day, Jesus will live in our home, He will become a member of the family. So that Dad, Mom, Uncle will talk about him with love and respect, and small children who live in the house will believe that God is great, that God exists, that he is good because Mom and Dad speak of him with love. This will sow the seeds of faith in their hearts. But if the parents never talk about God in the family, the children will understand that God does not exist or that, if he does, he is not important at all.
If Jesus lives with us, he stands guard. He fills the home with His presence and gradually destroys all the viruses that destroy the family: criticism, hatred, jealousy, envy... not to mention pornography that is destroying so many families. A survey showed that more than 70% of divorces are due to pornography. Jesus cleans out everything that prevents us from being a family. He favors all the values that build up a family: unity of hearts, sharing, mutual support, and mutual forgiveness. If members of a family never ask each other forgiveness, the family is in danger. It is good not to go to sleep before having made peace.
When Satan comes into our homes to do his work of destruction, he sees that the place is already occupied by someone else! He sees that Jesus is there and he is terrified. He drops his weapons and can no longer harm us. Jesus defeated him on the cross and since then Satan cannot stand His presence. A family that prays every day builds a barrier against evil, against the destroyer. That barrier is Christ himself! But in a family that does not pray, where is the barrier? There is none. The family is in danger.
We sometimes hear: "now we can get married because we have everything, the house, the money, the job, health..." Everything you need to build a good lasting family. But if one doesn't have Jesus at the center of the family, where is the protection? When the destroyer comes to destroy this family, neither the house, nor the job, nor the money scare him away! Only Jesus scares him! It is better to have Jesus and be poor than to be rich without Jesus. When Mary chose the village of Medjugorje, she said: "Here I have found true believers!" The only wealth these families had was Jesus!
If someone blasphemes in the family, ignore him. Stay calm and pretend not to have heard anything. But in your heart bless God. Then your blessing will cancel the effect of the blaspheme. The one who blasphemes will tire before you get tired of blessing God! In this way you will keep your peace of heart and that peace will flow onto all the people around you. God has a plan of Holiness for every person in your family. If you pray, you are God's instrument for those who do not know his love. But "do not enter into a discussion" says Mary. It is through example, not irritation that hearts open.
Mary has come to beg us: "Renew prayer in your family!" Today the attack is too powerful, we need powerful weapons so as not to sin.
Let us pray a lot, a lot, for the Synod in Rome!

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Dearest Jesus, when on my last day I present myself before you, maybe you will ask me: "I sent you my Mother, have you welcomed her? Have you done everything she told you, or tried hard?"
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(Translated from French)

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