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Mary TV Daily Reflectionj 10/13/2015

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October 13, 2015
Dear Family of Mary!
"...I am watching over you and am with you whenever you think of me. Pray also for your shepherds, for those who renounced everything for the sake of my Son and for your sake. Love them and pray for them. The Heavenly Father is listening to your prayers. Thank you." October 2, 2015
Our Lady has been very persistent in asking for prayer for our priests and bishops. With the Synod on the Family going on in Rome we hear a lot about them. Factions, fears, and predictions of trouble abound. But what good does it do to worry over these things? Our job is clear. Our Lady has been training us to do this job for years. We are called to love and pray for our shepherds. No questions asked. We need to surrender them into the hands of God, with loving and grateful hearts.
Here are some of the other messages asking for prayer for priests:
"...I call you to pray with all your heart for your shepherds, because my Son chose them. Thank you." August 2, 2011
"...Give me your hands and I will lead you. Do not forget your shepherds. Pray that in their thoughts they may always be with my Son who called them to witness Him. Thank you." April 2, 2010
"...Do not be afraid. My children, pray for the shepherds. May your lips be shut to every judgment, because do not forget that my Son has chosen them and only He has the right to judge. Thank you." January 2, 2013
"...My children, my Son gave you a gift of the shepherds. Take good care of them. Pray for them. Thank you." May 2, 2013
"...Again I am calling you to love your shepherds and to pray that, at this difficult time, the name of my Son may be glorified under their guidance. Thank you." August 2, 2013
Then with great concern Our Lady said: "For the sake of Jesus, for the sake of my Son, love those whom He has called and long for the blessing only from the hands which He has consecrated. Do not permit evil to come to reign. Anew I repeat - only alongside your shepherds will my heart triumph. Do not permit evil to separate you from your shepherds. Thank you." September 2, 2013
"...Pray for your shepherds that the ray of God's grace may illuminate their ways. Thank you." February 2, 2014
"...Pray for your shepherds. I pray for them and I desire that they may always feel the blessing of my motherly hands and the support of my motherly heart." April 2, 2014
"...In order to spread love in the right way, I am asking my Son, through love, to grant you unity through Him, unity among you, unity between you and your shepherds. Through them my Son always gives Himself to you anew and renews your soul. Do not forget this. Thank you." August 2, 2014
Our Lady's desire is that we support our priests and bishops with our prayers and love. At this time, may we offer up our prayer, sacrifices and fasting for the sake of our bishops at the Synod, and for all our priests who daily sacrifice their lives for us. Here is a prayer by St. Therese for priests:
Prayer of St. Therese
O Jesus, eternal Priest, keep your priests within the shelter of Your Sacred Heart, where none may touch them. Keep unstained their anointed hands, which daily touch Your Sacred Body. Keep unsullied their lips, daily purpled with your Precious Blood. Keep pure and unearthly their hearts, sealed with the sublime mark of the priesthood. Let Your holy love surround them and shield them from the world's contagion. Bless their labors with abundant fruit and may the souls to whom they minister be their joy and consolation here and in heaven their beautiful and everlasting crown. Amen
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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