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Mary TV Daily Reflection 1022/2015 - St. John Paul II

Blessed John Paul II
St. John Paul II, we love you!!!

October 22, 2015
St. John Paul II
Dear Family of Mary!
Sunday, November 8, 1981
The Blessed Virgin kisses an image of the Pope and says:
"It is your father, the spiritual father of all."
Today we celebrate St. John Paul II! Here is a pope whom most of us know very well. He reigned over the Church for 27 years, enduring the stress of his duties as pope, as well as an assassination attempt, and later his growing infirmity, all for love of us. His writings were vast, his travels immense, and his moral resolve tireless. Here was a father who loved his children with such intensity that he would never give in, never retreat from their side.
Our Lady spoke to the visionaries about Pope John Paul II several times. Here is one instance:
Sunday, September 26, 1982
For Pope John Paul II:
"Have him consider himself the father of all mankind, and not only of Christians. Have him spread untiringly and with courage the message of peace and love among all mankind."
Truly, St. John Paul did live these words. He visited so many nations, always bringing with him a message of love, peace, and acceptance. Who can forget the courageous declaration of human dignity that he spoke to the Polish people in 1979! Here was a pope who cared for the people.
Our Lady also spoke to the Holy Father in 1983 in a message:
Friday, September 16, 1983
"In my messages, I recommend to everyone, and to the Holy Father in particular, to spread the message which I have received from my Son here at Medjugorje. I wish to entrust to the Pope, the word with which I came here: 'MIR', (peace in Croatian), which he must spread everywhere. And here is a message which is especially for him: That he bring together the Christian people, through his words and his preaching; that he spread particularly among the young people, the messages which he has received from the Father in his prayers, when God inspires him."
The Holy Father instituted World Youth Day and The World Meeting of Families, which have strengthened and evangelized the lay faithful all over the world. He did exactly what Our Lady counseled him in this message.
As I was thinking about St. John Paul II yesterday after Mass, I had a brief image. It was of a huge statue of St. John Paul II. I was standing near it with my back to it. I knew that if I turned around and looked up I would not be able to see the top. And I would not be able to see the features of the statue, as it was so tall, so huge, and my perspective was too close. I had a sense that I would not be able to truly appreciate this statue until I walked away from it many steps. The farther away I would get, the more I would be able to comprehend it.
I think that is a good image for the papacy of St. John Paul II. We are still very close to it, in time. The immensity of the graces and gifts that were given to us through St. John Paul II are so great that we cannot take them all in yet. But as the years progress, we will be able to see it more clearly, and take in the depth of it all. The JPII effect is not over, but just beginning!
Let's pray to Saint John Paul II for his intercession in our lives. We want to follow him in courage and devotion. May he help us all, help the Church and the world in these days:
O Holy Trinity,  
we thank you for having given to the Church Pope John Paul II,
and for having made him shine with your fatherly tenderness,
the glory of the Cross of Christ and the splendor of the Spirit of love

He, trusting completely in your infinite mercy
and in the maternal intercession of Mary, has shown himself
in the likeness of Jesus the Good Shepherd
and has pointed out to us holiness
as the path to reach eternal communion with You.

Grant us, through his intercession,
according to your will, the grace that we implore,
in the hope that he will soon be numbered among your saints.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2015
PS. On Sunday, October 25, Europe is going back to Standard time. But the United States and many other countries are not changing back to Standard Time until November 1. So for that week, October 25 to November 1, our programing will change a bit
In the countries that do not revert back to Standard time, here is the way it will look:
Silent Prayer: 10:00 am EDT
Daily Rosary: 11:00 am EDT
Evening Rosary: 12:00 pm EDT
International Mass: 1:00 pm EDT
The climb up Podbrdo on Sunday will be at 9:00 am EDT
"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world." 
Saint John Paul II 
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