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Synod on the Family, Restrictions in Medjugorje, and A Plea for France

From the Desk of Sr. Emmanuel Maillard
September 14, 2015
Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross
Dear Children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!
1. On August 2, 2015 Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross in the presence of an immense crowd. After the apparition, she conveyed the following message:

"Dear children! My dear apostles of love, my carriers of truth, again I am calling you and gathering you around me to help me, to help all of my children who thirst for love and truth - who thirst for my Son. I am a grace from the Heavenly Father, sent to help you to live the word of my Son. Love one another. I lived your earthly life. I know that it is not always easy, but if you will love each other, you will pray with the heart, you will reach spiritual heights and the way to Heaven will be opened for you. I, your mother, am waiting for you there because I am there. Be faithful to my Son and teach others faithfulness. I am with you. I will help you. I will teach you faith that you may know how to transmit it to others in the right way. I will teach you truth that you may know how to discern. I will teach you love that you may come to know what real love is. My children, my Son will make it possible for Him to speak through your words and your actions. Thank you."

2. A Few Welcome Restrictions in Medjugorje 
Recently, we noticed that a few changes have taken place in Medjugorje: Marija no longer opens the Magnificat Center for her daily apparition. Ivan and Jakov still go to the Rotonda in the afternoon with Father Marinko to pray with the pilgrims, but without giving the messages. The Information Center no longer releases the message received on the 2nd of the month by Mirjana as it did previously. This Summer Ivan did not invite the pilgrims to participate in the apparition at night on the mountain with his prayer group, etc. 

If the restrictions increase, let us remain in peace: the Gospa has her plan and she will ensure that it happens. The visionaries know it and they are serene. These restrictions are probably local and prudent measures before Pope Francis' announcement on Medjugorje. In addition, they also help pilgrims who are overly curious about the visionaries and attracted to the extraordinary to avoid being drawn away from the essential. For those who are far from God, and who need signs in order to encounter Jesus and follow Him, the "gifts" that Mary has offered us over the years have borne their fruit.  Fortunately, God goes where He wants and will never be limited by man.  His graces are not going to diminish; on the contrary, they constantly increase during times of adversity!
Pope Francis has not given his word yet on Medjugorje, therefore no declaration, even from a "Vatican insider", holds any authority. They are simply personal opinions. Beware of falling into the trap of agitation! The announcement will be given on the official Vatican websites. Let us pray in peace for Pope Francis who holds  a grave responsibility, and for his entire entourage!

Let us increase our prayers of thanksgiving and stay away from bitterness, or worse, criticism, which would sadden Our Lady and delay Her plan. That is where she is waiting for us. Her Heart will triumph! 

A Supplication plea for France. 

I would like to share here this beautiful prayer for my country that many other nations will be able to adopt.  It is very timely, especially in the West where we have been so intent on rejecting God that we have ousted our own happiness. But it is not too late!

"O Lord our God, we are appalled by what is happening in our country but, confident in all your promises, we turn to you, because help will come from you and without you we can do nothing. Jesus, you said: 'ask and you shall receive', so we beseech you, please help us, may France rise again!

Standing before you we recognize the sins of our leaders and our elected officials, we recognize their sins as our own because we chose them, and we bear responsibility.  Standing before you, we recognize the sins of the Church of which we are members, these sins are our own because we are one in your Body.  Standing before you, we recognize our personal implication, because we allowed the ideas of the world to fill our hearts, ensnaring them and squeezing out the sense of truth and of the common good, making us convey the wrong messages!

Forgive us for having allowed ourselves to be disarmed without fighting! Forgive us for not having done everything in our power to transmit our Faith and stand firm in Hope and Charity, the only virtues which will allow a civilization of love to be built up, and allow every person to have his place!

We recognize that our hearts are cold, full of selfishness, worried for themselves and for their own, having generous love neither for You nor for our neighbor! We sin day after day, in thought, in words, by commission and by omission, forgive us!

Our Lord, we kneel before you! Through our prayers and our fasting, our tears, and through healing Adoration, we implore your mercy which alone can save us!

Give us your Holy Spirit, keep our hearts in humility and repentance, enlighten our thinking and inspire us to act according to your will and not according to our wishes.

Lord our God, we beseech you in the joyful assurance of your final victory: welcome France and all its inhabitants into the Heart of Jesus, united to that of Mary. May France stay there forever, so that your Kingdom may come, that will renew our institutions with truth and justice! Help us serve Your Will, out of love for You and for our brothers, and may peace prevail! Glory and praise to You, in the Holy Spirit. Amen" (see PS1)
4. Many people ask, what can we expect from the Synod on the Family? 
Are we going to put an end to the trajectory of the current state of affairs?  Good question! The quality of the fruit depends on the quality of the root and of the source we'll use. For 34 years Our Lady has been explaining to us how to obtain the cure for the breakdown of the family and how to restructure it. In his beautiful book, The Theology of the Body,  St. John Paul II gives us essential and prophetic lights. We have all the keys in our hands. But a key is of no use if it remains in a drawer. 

Another voice was heard, that of Sr. Lucia's of Fatima. In his remarkable interview of 2008, Cardinal Caffara from Bologna (Italy) revealed some parts of a letter that he had received from Sr Lucia, as an answer to his request for prayers for his ministry on the family. To his great surprise, he received a long letter signed by Sr. Lucia (kept in the archives of his Pontifical Institute). In the letter she declares:
"The Most Holy Virgin told me that the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle with the Virgin. And a decisive battle is the final battle where one side will be victorious and the other side will suffer defeat. Also from now on we must choose sides. Either we are on the side of God or we are on the side of the devil. There is no other possibility [...] The final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don't be afraid," she added. "Because anyone who operates for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be contended and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue." Then she concluded: "However, Our Lady has already crushed its head."
"My Son promised me that evil will never win because you, the souls of the just, are here," said Our Lady in Medjugorje (Nov. 2, 2014).
Confusion seizes us in front of the collapse of the family, well manipulated by the "evil doers" who serve the enemy of mankind. St. John Paul II said, "when the sustaining pillar is touched (the nest of the family), the whole building collapses."
To answer strong attacks, we need strong weapons! Hence the repeated visitations of Mary, who shows us the path to take. "The world is in a moment of trial," she tells us. "Because it forgot and abandoned God. Therefore you, little children, be those who seek and love God above all. I am with you..." (Aug. 25, 2015). Her messages will always be there, confirming the Gospel. Mary will always be there, eager to help us, eager to see us become saints! So we already have  everything!
Dear brothers and sisters, do everything she says, and she will do everything for you! (See PS 2, our CDs on the Family)

5. Vicka is now back home, but she is still too weak to receive pilgrims. 


She offers all her sufferings to Jesus for Our Lady's plans and for us, her children, because she knows the precious fruit of that offering. In 1983 Our Lady told her, "very few people have understood the great value of suffering when it is offered to Jesus." Since then Vicka has always kept an extraordinary smile, even in the midst of her worst illnesses. 
6. On the (inspired) request of Sr. Briege Mc Kenna, I am preparing a book on Mercy for the Year of Mercy. Please send me (in your mother tongue) your witnesses and testimonies that may glorify the Divine Mercy and nurture our brothers who do not know yet the love of God! Thank you in advance ! (gospa.fr@gmail.com)

Dearest Gospa, you are the cause of our joy, you are the Morning Star which announces the coming of the true Light! We take your hand again today!
Sister Emmanuel +
(Translated from French)

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