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Mary TV Daily Reflection 9/9/2015

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Prayer works Miracles!

September 9, 2015
St. Peter Claver
Dear Family of Mary!
"Dear children! Today I call you to open yourselves to prayer. Prayer works miracles in you and through you. Therefore, little children, in the simplicity of heart seek of the Most High to give you the strength to be God's children and for Satan not to shake you like the wind shakes the branches. Little children, decide for God anew and seek only His will, and then you will find joy and peace in Him. Thank you for having responded to my call."  October 25, 2013
Prayer works miracles. Our Lady has told us this several times. I want to share about what happened to Denis, Joe and me just two days ago, as we were returning to South Bend after a lovely visit with family in Los Angeles, California. Bear with me because there are details that will only make sense later in the story!
On Friday, September 4, we three drove two hours to Chicago to catch a plane. It was hot that day. As we entered the Chicago traffic, our air conditioner stopped working. We had to open windows, hoping that the wind would be enough to keep us comfortable. We parked the car and headed to our terminal. We were there in plenty of time, but the plane had mechanical failure and it took an extra three hours to get in the air. We were sitting in different parts of the plane, and it was a lonely four hours! But we arrived and had a wonderful three day visit with Denis' brother, sister-in-law and nephew! Every moment was full of joy and peace. It was well worth the little penance we did on our travels.
But on Monday morning, we headed back to LAX for our flight home. We were chatting so much that we missed the turn off to the airport and went far out of our way. Our flight was at 11:05 and by 10:00 am we were not yet at the airport. I must admit I was wrestling with anxiety. I hate being late!! It is at times like this that I realize the truth of these words: "Therefore, little children, in the simplicity of heart seek of the Most High to give you the strength to be God's children and for Satan not to shake you like the wind shakes the branches." Satan wanted to shake me, and make me get angry and difficult. But through prayer I was strengthened to be a child of God, one who trusts and doesn't lose it under pressure!
Well, Denis decided we should pray a decade of the Rosary, which we did. Inviting Our Lady into the car with us was a wise move. Then, all the way to the airport, I silently prayed our Surrender Novena prayer, "Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything!" I just kept praying it, even if I didn't feel too good.
We finally got to our terminal at about 10:15, said our fond goodbyes, and ran into the building to check in. There were lots of people in lots of lines to do the same. But we were calm and found a computer, checked in, checked our bag, and were looking for the security line, in just 5 minutes! Whew! We ran to the long line for security clearance, and we showed our boarding passes to the lady. She said we couldn't go this way, because we were TSA approved, and needed to use an expedited security check in at the next escalator. There was no line, and it turned out to be very quick and easy. And as we left the security area, our gate was right there, second on the left! We actually found ourselves waiting at the gate for half an hour before boarding!! Unbelievable.
We had an on-time flight with seats together, arrived in Chicago and found our car. It was again very hot. We thought we would have a hot ride home (two hour drive) but lo and behold, the air conditioner worked just fine! We got home in great time, and thanked God for all He had done to make our trip so quick and easy.
Denis and I both think that our prayer in the car on the way to LAX worked a great miracle. I think God was able to open the doors at each step and just whisk us through each hurdle, because we prayed. Prayer does work miracles!
Of course the greatest miracle for us on that trip was the love and joy we experienced with Denis' brother and his family. Love is the greatest miracle of all. Nothing else comes close! And we can thank Jesus for that as well, since it is through His great sacrifice that we have been freed from sin and given the ability to love. But it is a miracle, all the same!! Thank you, Conan, Julie and Jefferson, for being such wonderful hosts and dear friends!!!
Well, though this is not my usual reflection, I just couldn't help sharing with you. Prayer works miracles!!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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