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Mary TV Daily Reflection 9/4/2015

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Welcoming Our Lady on September 2!

September 4, 2015
Dear Family of Mary!
This message is most beautiful! We will gain much from it if we read it prayerfully in the next few days. Our Lady moves in the Holy Spirit, and her words are inspired by the Holy Spirit. So we can be sure that this message was given to us under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to help us in this time, right now.
September 2, 2015
"Dear children! My dear apostles of love, my carriers of truth, again I am calling you and gathering you around me to help me, to help all of my children who thirst for love and truth-who thirst for my Son. I am a grace from the Heavenly Father, sent to help you to live the word of my Son. Love one another. I lived your earthly life. I know that it is not always easy, but if you will love each other, you will pray with the heart, you will reach spiritual heights and the way to heaven will be opened for you. I, your mother, am waiting for you there because I am there. Be faithful to my Son and teach others faithfulness. I am with you. I will help you. I will teach you faith that you may know how to transmit it to others in the right way. I will teach you truth that you may know how to discern. I will teach you love that you may come to know what real love is. My children, my Son will make it so as to speak through your words and your actions. Thank you."
Let me now include a short reflection I received from Reuben, one of our shipmates in England. I love what he shares:
Dear Cathy,
Our Lady's latest message is very powerful. The word which keeps coming to my mind when I read it is 'consecration'. It strikes me as a really great little summation of what Marian Consecration achieves in the soul.
She teaches us the faith by her discernment of it, which is pure. She teaches us truth and love, because she carries us like she once carried the very person of truth and love who is her Son, our Lord. That's how God makes use of us, because then we look like the very mold in which God himself chose to reside.
The message even begins by talking about people's thirsts. That makes me think of Blessed Mother Teresa and the missionaries of charity, how Christ's word on the cross - 'I thirst' - became the heart of their spirituality. Surely we who stand with our mother stand by the cross and hear that word in our hearts. Surely when we hear it and accept it, we join in Christ's thirst for souls, and feel their thirst for him when maybe they can't even feel it yet.
I sense the strength of our interceding for blind souls, distracted souls, and hardened souls. I sense the depth of God's mercy in our daring to feel some of God's sadness and need for those who are too hurt or bloody-minded to know their own. The cross is still there, and so is God's thirst, and so is the good thief who sees it, and therefore sees his own, and communes, and the bad thief who doesn't see it, and doesn't commune.
I wonder what made for that difference between the two thieves' understandings: if perhaps it was just as much a result of other people's prayers, as their own inclinations. I think of how blind I once was to things of the Spirit, and what a gratuity it is that I now see anything at all of it. Wow. Our responsibility to be grateful, and praise, and intercede for those who don't, is awesome!
I think this message is not just an exegesis on consecration. I think it's a consecration in itself.
All blessings!
Thank you Reuben, and I agree, this message carries in it the essence of our consecration. Dearest Mother, we surrender to you, we give ourselves to you, so that you can lead us to Jesus.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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