Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mary TV Daily Reflection 9/24/2015

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 September 24, 2015
Dear Family of Mary!
The Gospel for today's Mass describes Herod's curiosity about Jesus and all He was doing. (Luke 9:7-9)  He ends by saying, "John I beheaded.  Who then is this about whom I hear such things?"  Herod was curious, he wanted to see Jesus.  But He was not seeking Jesus out of a deep need, out of a desire to encounter Him in an honest way.  No, Herod was bored with life, and just wanted to have a thrill.
Pope Francis spoke about this kind of curiosity in Evangelii Gaudium:
In a culture paradoxically suffering from anonymity and at the same time obsessed with the details of other people's lives, shamelessly given over to morbid curiosity, the Church must look more closely and sympathetically at others whenever necessary." (Evangelii Gaudium #169)
Morbid curiosity!  This kind of seeking of information leads us nowhere.  It is superficial, and treats the other as a means to an end, a source of entertainment at most.  Herod did not want to learn anything from Jesus, or change his life according to what Jesus would show him.   He wanted to be entertained.  Unfortunately, we can treat God in this way, only wanting spiritual experiences or information out of a self-centered desire.  Our Lady warned the Parish and the pilgrims about this kind of curiosity in the early days of the apparitions.  Here is what she said:

April 30, 1984 (Monday) Marija asked Our Lady: Dear Madonna, why didn't you give me a message for the parish on Thursday? Our Lady replied:
"I do not wish to force anyone to do that which he/she neither feels nor desires, even though I had special messages for the parish by which I wanted to awaken the faith of every believer. But only a really small number has accepted my Thursday messages. In the beginning there were quite a few. But it's become a routine affair for them. And now recently some are asking for the message out of curiosity, and not out of faith and devotion to my Son and me."

Our Lady nearly stopped giving messages because curiosity had taken hold in many hearts.  She knew how destructive this attitude would be, how it would ruin the parish.  And so she gave them this "wake up" call.  She told them to renew their faith and devotion to Jesus and Herself, or the messages would end.

As we await a message tomorrow, let's make an examination of our own hearts to be sure we are receiving Our Lady's messages out of our deep conviction that Our Lady is speaking, and that we are in great need of her words and her intercession.  If we are not convinced, we may be damaging her plan.  Our Lady's presence in Medjugorje is not a routine affair, but a matter of great importance for our own salvation and the salvation of the many souls we will impact. 

Oh Mary, our Mother and Queen of Peace, we await your message with open hearts, in great need of your help and guidance.  Come, Mother, Mary come!!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world." 
Saint John Paul II 
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