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Mary TV Daily Reflection 9/10/2015

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A Woman Clothed with the Sun

September 10, 2015
Dear Family of Mary!
"Dear children! My dear apostles of love, my carriers of truth, again I am calling you and gathering you around me to help me, to help all of my children who thirst for love and truth-who thirst for my Son. I am a grace from the Heavenly Father, sent to help you to live the word of my Son. Love one another. I lived your earthly life. I know that it is not always easy, but if you will love each other, you will pray with the heart, you will reach spiritual heights and the way to heaven will be opened for you. I, your mother, am waiting for you there because I am there. Be faithful to my Son and teach others faithfulness. I am with you. I will help you. I will teach you faith that you may know how to transmit it to others in the right way. I will teach you truth that you may know how to discern. I will teach you love that you may come to know what real love is. My children, my Son will make it so as to speak through your words and your actions. Thank you." (September 2, 2015)
This message is straight forward. Our Lady is calling us to be her helpers. She needs us to gather around her, and to help her in her task of helping all of her children who desperately need her Son. We can only help others by becoming like her Son. The more like Jesus we become, the more we will be able to help others to find Him. He is the answer to all our woes. He is the light for all our darkness. He is the hope for all of our despair.
Our world is sinking into moral and social chaos. This is the work of our enemy. He wants us to destroy ourselves. But God has other plans for us. And so He has sent Our Lady at this moment in history, to help us. "I am a grace from the Heavenly Father, sent to help you to live the word of my Son." Our Lady is a grace from the Heavenly Father. She is a shaft of pure light beaming down from heaven upon our war torn planet. She is a gift of mercy from God, a helping hand extended to us in our need. She is the Ark revealed in Revelations 11 and 12:
"Then God's temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple; and there were flashes of lightning, voices, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail. And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars;" (Rev 11:19, 12:1)
Our Lady is this Ark which appears amid lightning and thunder, earthquake and hail. She appears when the world is in tumult as a great portent. What does she portend? She shows that she is a great queen, robed in the sun, standing on the moon, crowned with stars. She is the Queen of the universe, come to show God's mercy anew. This mercy is Jesus. This mercy is the Word of God, the way to peace, the way to life, the way to truth. He is her Son. She carries Him in her womb. She is the Ark that carries the Lord to our world as the only solution to all our woes.
She is asking us to help her in this moment of revelation. She is asking us to be little signposts to Jesus, by living His word and becoming like Him. Who knows, this may be the last battle, when souls will be won or lost for eternity. It is at least a very big battle. We must become part of the grace of Our Lady who is sent by the Father. It is an act of mercy!!
Thank you, dearest Father, for sending Mary as a grace to us.  Thank you, dearest Mother, Ark of the Covenant, Queen of the Universe, for coming to us, and for calling us at this most momentous time. Give us the strength to say "yes".
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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