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Mary TV Daily Reflection 8/7/2015

Mirjana greets Our Lady on August 2, 2015

August 7, 2015
St. Sixtus II and companions, St. Cajetan 

Dear Family of Mary,

As we rest up after the Youth Festival, here is part 2 of Mirjana's talk given on August 5.  Mirjana speaks from her practical and motherly heart, and we can benefit from her straight talk!

Mirjana Soldo, speaking on August 5, 2015 at the Youth Festival  (Part 2) 

In order to follow her, she says that we should be fasting. I know that many of you find it hard to accept that message of Our Lady, because she says "bread and water on Wednesday and Friday." And again I say that if you never fasted two days a week on bread and water, start slowly. First you can start on Friday, giving up meat. Catholics never at meat on Friday, so I will go back to that. And then I will try to do what Our Lady wants me to do, I will start fasting. Then maybe next time I will give up dinner, or lunch, or maybe I will give up coffee. Slowly, and it is important that I want it, that my heart wants it, and Mother will help me. If your heart desires it, nothing can stop you. If you fall down, don't get disappointed.

You need to know that she loves you, that you are a precious child, and she loves you just the way you are. She knows you the best and she loves you the most. In one of her messages long ago she said, "If you knew how much I love you, you would cry with joy!"

That is what I desire to say to you. Every 2nd of the month at the Blue Cross, when I see with the love she has for us, I immediately cry with tears. People have asked me if I have ever touched Our Lady, or has Our Lady touched me. Never. I can see her for 100 years, and I will know that she is the Mother of God and I am just one going in this world, but I will say to you that I never felt the need to touch her. Because when Mother looks at you the way she looks at you, you have everything. You do not want anything else. You don't want it to stop ever. And all mothers will understand me. As a mother, I would give my life for my children. But when I am with Our Lady, I do not remember them. I do not remember having children at all, I only want to be with her. She looks at me and I look at her, I think that is heaven.

I think that the love I feel as I look at her and she looks at me can only be felt in heaven. Therefore dear youth, I do not have words to tell you how much she loves you, how much she knows you and how much she fights for you. You can start coming to her, you can start with your hand in hers to go towards Jesus, because that is all for us! In the last message Our Lady spoke about love, and she said "for those who love, for those who live the word of my Son, that will be life." Is there anything more beautiful than that? Only with love will we have everything.

Love comes through prayer. Love comes through fasting. That is what she is asking of us. We cannot love with our hearts if our hearts are burdened. We cannot love if our hearts are burdened. That means that we need to go to confession. Our Lady says there is not a single person in the world who doesn't need monthly confession. But is must be confession with the heart. When you come before the priest, when you sit before him, that you might see Jesus, in your heart you must feel that you are sorry, really, really sorry. You will try with all of your heart not to repeat all that. You will try, and you repent. That is what is important, because if we are not able to forgive, then we cannot expect that God forgives us. When we say the Our Father - "forgive us as we forgive..." are we sincere? How can I say I am following Jesus, that I believe in Jesus yet I cannot forgive?

If I say that I will not forgive, I could never forgive that person, I will never forget this, and on the other hand, I expect Jesus to forgive me, that is not possible. As we are ready to forgive, He will forgive us. Be prepared to forgive. Only those who have Jesus in their hearts are prepared to forgive with all of their hearts. We know what is important. What is important is life with Jesus, which comes after this life (which is just a blink of the eyes, Our Lady says). I want, like all of you, that when I come before Jesus, He will be able to forgive me, the way I forgave.

When I have anger in my heart I am doing bad things to myself, to those who are around me, who are in my vicinity. Because I am passing on my anger to them. And when I am ready to forgive with all my heart, then I am prepared to love with all of my heart and I will do good to everyone around me.

I would like to ask you to pray every day. Pray to Our Lady that she may give you the gift of love. Because when we have love, we will see Jesus in every Human being. WE will not judge. We will not criticize. We will love our neighbor because God created him in His image and likeness. He is my brother in Christ.

Just look at this Youth Festival. People have come from all over the world. Each one of us says the Our Father in our language, yet we all understand each other because we all love and desire Jesus in the first place in our hearts. My mission, what Our Lady has chosen me for, is to pray for those un-believers. She never uses those words, she never says unbeliever; she says "those who haven't met the love of God yet."

She asks for our help, and when she says this, she is not referring to the six visionaries.  She thinks of all of her children. We can change those who do not believe, but only with our prayer and with our example. We need to pray for them every single day. We need to place at the first place our prayer for them because, believe me, when we pray for them we are praying for ourselves. WE pray for our future. We pray for the future of our children. In the same way, for example, each of us has unbelievers in our homes, in our neighborhoods, at work. And these unbelievers are looking at us. They look at our life. They are searching for God in us. Do they find God in us? We will be responsible for that later.

We have a big responsibility because we say we are children of God. We say that we follow Jesus. And Our Lady said in one of the messages, "Do not say that you are following my Son, and you live life in such a way that all those who do not know my Son, by looking at you never want to get to know Him." That is why we have this big responsibility. That is why our example needs to be firm. They need to see God in us. They need to see the love of God in us.

Many pilgrims who come to Medjugorje make a mistake, the think that the visionaries are something special. They think we are privileged. Trust me, that is not the way it is. For Our Lady as a Mother, there are not privileged children. There are no children that she loves more than others, or that she listens more to some children and less to others. All mothers know that if you have children, and you are a true mother, you will love all your children with the same love. Then you can imagine our heavenly Mother, she has chosen me that through me she can give messages, but in all these 34 years of her apparitions, she never has said my name. She has never spoken to me personally. When I was going through a hard period, when I was under the communists in Sarajevo, separated from the others, when I was alone with only my family, when every day the police came to my home and took me away as a little girl, Our Lady never said, "Do not be afraid, I am with you." Never. She was only giving me messages just like everyone here. That is when I learned that for her there are no privileged children. There are not those she listens to less, and those she listens to more.

It is the same here in Medjugorje, many times they come to me and say, "I came to know the love of God. I was healed." And for many of those people I never asked Our Lady, I didn't know them. They had faith. They had open hearts. They were the ones asking Mother to help them. And Mother was asking her Son to help them. This is what I am saying to you. When you have Mother you don't need visionaries. You only need to have an open heart. Because she says, "Open your hearts and I will be with you." It depends only on you. How much to you desire for her to be with you? It depends on you and how much you need your mother.

To see Our Lady with the eyes is beautiful. I already shared this with you. For me this is heaven. But to see Our Lady with the heart is the fulfillment of everything. You can look at her with your eyes and not understand, but you can look at her with your heart and you will understand everything. And all of you, my dear friends, all of you can see Our Lady with your heart. If you want that, cleanse your heart. That means confess, open your hearts, because only a confessed heart is a clean heart, and call for Mother.

When you are here in Medjugorje, use the time, go to a place where you can be alone, speak to the Mother, say to her everything that bothers you, everything that makes you suffer. You will hear her. You will feel her in your heart. She will never refuse her children. She never refuses the children when they call her. You don't need to be a visionary. You need to be her child.

If anyone is privileged for the heavenly Mother, it would be our priests. She has never, ever said to me what they need to be doing. Every 2nd of the month she tells us what we need to do for them. She says, "Dear children, they do not need your criticism. They need your prayers and your love. God is going to judge them as priests. Always say "he who is without sin may throw the first stone."

That is why I say to you, youth, that the world is going to remain for you. Bring from Medjugorje one thing, the most important thing, and that is love. Bring it to this world, the world is hungry for love. The more we have, the less we have, because we do not have love. Nothing is going to satisfy us, only love. Love is our Jesus, our God. It is God who showed us how much he loves us, and if we are going to follow Him, then we need to love.

And to follow Him is not easy. Because whoever follows Jesus, carries the cross. Some carry smaller crosses, some bigger crosses, you will never get a cross that you will not be able to carry. The true follower of Jesus is going to say thank you when he receives the cross. If I am not able to do that and I say, "Do not leave me alone with this cross," then the one who has not gotten to know the love of God will say "Why not? The symbol of your faith is the cross. If you are not ready and prepared to carry that cross, that will mean that you did not get to know the love of God yet. You young people, you should be the fruits in this world. Be the fruits of Medjugorje. Show what Mother is requiring of us. Show what it means to love Jesus. She what does it means to follow Jesus.

Ever since this Youth Festival started, I have been praying for you. I am praying that Our Lady helps you. If she invited you, if she desired you to be here, in this rocky land, underneath the sun that is burning you, may she show you with her merciful love why she invited you here and what is it she is asking of you. I am praying that for you every day. You pray that to her also. She is surely going to tell us and show us the way because she loves us. Thank you so much. Thank you for saying yes to our Mother. Thank you for listening to me, and let us always be united in prayer.

Let us say one Hail Mary for all that is in our hearts....

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Cathy Nolan
(c)Mary TV 2015

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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