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Mary TV Daily Reflection 8/6/2015

The Transfiguration - Krizevac
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August 6, 2015
Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

Dear Family of Mary,

Today, the Youth Festival concludes with a sunrise Mass on Mount Krizevac!  It is an awesome sight, amazing and thrilling.  To receive Jesus up on that mountain must resemble the Transfiguration on Tabor that the apostles witnessed all those years ago.  Now the young people will be sent home to live what they have experienced in Medjugorje.  Yesterday, Mirjana Soldo spoke to the young people at the morning session.  Mary TV was not able to stream that session.  So I have transcribed her talk so that we can receive the graces that flow so freely through her.   

Mirjana gave excellent advice to the young people, advice we can all profit from.  I will share the first half of her talk today, and the second half tomorrow, since it is long.  Happy Transfiguration!   

Mirjana Soldo, speaking on August 5, 2015 at the Youth Festival

With all of my heart I greet you young people, and all of you who feel young at heart. We all came to be together in this time, this time of prayer, this time of love. Thank you for saying yes to our heavenly Mother. Thank you for having responded to her invitation. She is calling us, she needs us! She said in her message, "I invite you all, open your heart, allow me to enter, so I can make my apostles out of you."

My dear young friends, she needs apostles, apostles of love. And we are supposed to be that for her. You have chosen to start following our Mother. This will not be hard because the Mother will not ask of her children what they are unable to do. She will lead us slowly, step by step. It is important only that you open your heart. That you allow her to talk to you.

If you desire to follow our Mother, the first thing you need to do is to live Holy Mass. That is her biggest desire. Everything that happens in Medjugorje is the love of God, the love of her Son. He sends her to help us to understand and to follow His way, and we can always encounter Him at Holy Mass. We are with Him during the time of Holy Mass, and that is why her greatest message is to live Holy Mass with the Heart.

When we were children, at the beginning of the Apparitions, once the heavenly Mother told us, "If you need to choose between seeing me and going to Holy Mass, always go to Holy Mass because during the time of Holy Mass my Son is with you. That is why I ask you, dear young people, to accept that, to start living Holy Mass with the heart. Do not say, yes I believe in God, but I do not go to Holy Mass. I have my own way. There is no "your way". There is not "my way", there is only life with our dear Jesus in the time of Holy Mass. In one of the messages of the 2nd, Our Lady told us that He left Himself for us, that we might live Him during the Holy Mass, that we may be one with Him.

Is there anything more beautiful than when my heart opens and my God becomes one with me? Don't you wish in those moments to kneel down and say "Thank you God for having given this opportunity to me. Thank you God for being with me in this way. Thank you because I can always have you in my life." That is what our heavenly Mother desires. That is why she wishes we live Holy Mass in the first place.

In order to be following Our Lady, walking with her, we should be praying. Our parish priest spoke earlier about prayer. Our Lady says, "Pray with the heart." Many pilgrims ask me what that means. How do we pray with the heart? I don't understand it. Am I doing it in a good way? As a sister I am telling you, don't waste time judging your own prayer. You can try to pray in a better way. You can try opening your heart, more and more. None of us, neither me nor you, can say they pray the way the way God wants me to pray, and I am doing all that God wants me to do. I am afraid of people who say that. Something is not right there. We can only try to do what Our Heavenly Father wants us to do.   Only He can judge how well we are succeeding. We can only hope that He will judge according to love, and not according to what we deserve.

When we love someone, and we desire to be with someone, we need to be in contact. We love the Father and we are with him in prayer; that is our encounter. That is why it is impossible to say that you believe but you never want to talk to that person. For me, my prayer is my repose. I say to you, young people, start slowly, step by step. If you never prayed the Rosary before, Our Lady says, don't worry, start slowly. The first prayer Our Mother asked of us was the prayer of seven Our Fathers, seven Hail Marys and seven Glory bes. Don't say to me that in the 24 hours that the Lord has given us in a day there is no time for seven Our Father's, Hail Marys and Glory bes and the Creed. Then Our Lady asked for one part of the Rosary, and after a while a second part of the Rosary and after a while the third part of the Rosary. She was going step by step. It is important to walk with Our Lady. When we fall down she will help us get up. Because the only thing that our heavenly Mother desires is to give us her Son.

We can have everything that exists in this world, but if we don't have peace, we don't have anything. The only true peace is our Jesus. And we can have Him in our heart if we pray, if we call for Him, if we desire Him. Therefore return prayer in your families. Our Lady says that nothing can unite a family as prayer together. I especially talk to you dear young people. Especially you who have formed your families and will have the blessing of children, do not think you will be able to do that without God. It is impossible. Whatever has started in this world without God's blessing has collapsed. Healthy families, which are most important because out of the family everything will start. If our families are healthy, our town will be healthy, and our world will be healthy. If you want to have healthy families, then you have to place God in the first place. You need to pray together. You need to pray for the sake of your children. Your children will only do what they see you do, the example you give them. Whatever our youth are, they are that way because we made them that way. That is why you need to start being the example for your children. Let them see that for mother and father, God is in the first place. You cannot do that by criticizing them, instead you need to live what you are saying. You need to live prayer. Let them see mother and dad praying.

I always give a nice example from my family. When my daughter, Marija, was only 2 ½ years old I never told her about the apparitions because I thought she was too little to understand. But once while she was playing with her friend in the room, I heard the other girl say, "My mom can drive a car." And Marija was silent for a while, because I don't drive, but then she said, "That's nothing, my mother talks to Our Lady every day." Without me saying anything to her, she understood. She was able to see what was happening in the house.

It is important for our children to see us pray, because Our Lady tells us not to judge or criticize, but to love, be an example, and pray. Only in that way will we be able to help our children, our youth. Only in that will we be able to show them the true way, the way we walk with our heavenly Mother.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Cathy Nolan
(c)Mary TV 2015

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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