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Mary TV Daily Reflection 8/11/2015

Marija encounters Our Lady - August 10, 2015
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August 11, 2015
St. Clare
Dear Family of Mary!
Yesterday Marija invited Mary TV to stream her daily apparition. It took place in the building behind her house, which is a retreat center. There were many people in attendance. After prayer of the Rosary, Marija led the people in the 7-7-7, and Our Lady came to her in the midst of that prayer. It was a beautiful encounter. Here is what Marija shared afterwards. There was no English translation, so this is a translation of Marija's Italian (with some summarizing):
Marija shared her encounter with Our Lady:
Immediately upon Our Lady's arrival, Marija said that she presented everyone present and their loved ones to Our Lady. Our Lady remained silent while Marija offer to her those present, their families, those in their hearts as well as every nation, explaining to Our Lady that people had come from all over the world. She asked Our Lady: Grant us peace that we may be makers of peace, of love, of His peace. Our Lady was tender and smiled and Marija thanked her for this grace, for her presence every day. Our Lady tenderly began to pray over us and again blessed us.
Marija then shared, "Every day Our Lady is always surprising us!" Marija continued to say that even though we have grown accustomed to it, that it has become a kind of routine to be with Our Lady, with her presence, with her blessing, with her prayer... it still touches us so deeply. She said, "For me it is always a great joy to be able to share with you! I believe that Our Lady, looking at us, sees not only us but sees also the plan that [God] has for us." She continued, "Now we have many priests, thanks be to Heaven! Let us ask to receive through them the protection of Our Lady. We ask also for the protection of Jesus who uses the hands of the priest. God can use even the most unholy priest to absolve our sins, to bless us, so that we can be His instruments."
Several things attracted my attention in Marija's description of this encounter:
Marija twice mentioned how tenderly Our Lady looked at us and prayed for us. This is very consoling for us all. Our Lady's heart does not grow hard or bitter, no matter how long we delay our conversion or fall from the way of her Son. She loves us with the compassion and tenderness of a mother, and will never reject us or leave us.
Marija said that we may have grown accustomed to Our Lady's presence, her daily coming, her blessing and her prayer. She used the word "routine". Indeed we do seem to take it as a part of every day that Our Lady will come to the visionaries in Medjugorje, or wherever they are, in the evening. We have come to rely on Our Lady's coming as we rely on the rising and setting of the sun! Is this bad? I don't think so. As Marija said, "It still touches us so deeply." It touches us because we feel so completely safe because of her coming. We feel that we can rely upon our Mother totally, every day. She is with us always. I think this is part of why she has come every day. She is training us to rely upon her, like a little child relies on his mother. She is our Mother and she will not forget us!!
Finally Marija mentioned that we can receive protection from our priests. We can received the protection of Mary and Jesus, through their ministry. They baptize us, forgive our sins, feed us with the Bread from Heaven, teach us the Gospel, and bless us against all evil. They cover us with the mantle of Mary and the Sacred Blood of Jesus. Even when they are struggling with sin themselves, they still can bless us because of their office. We are indeed being given a great deal of peace through our priests.
Our Mother is tender, she is with us always, and she provides for us through our priests. We are truly blessed children. Thank you, dearest Father for providing for us in so many ways. Thank you!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2015
PS. Thanks to the Mary TV team in Medjugorje for doing such a wonderful job of streaming Marija's apparition to us. They do so much with very little. Please pray for them, and ask for a blessing upon them for their great and selfless work!!

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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